A great sex life can have an effect on your overall mood, wellbeing, and daily outlook.

Here are seven things you should stop doing to improve sexual performance.

Stop avoiding conversations on sex

Many people hate talking about sex. They find it uncomfortable and embarrassing, or they say it destroys the mood.

However, knowing your sexual preferences and desires can to a great extent improve what you get out of intercourse.

Quit smoking

Smoking can adversely affect your sexual response. Men are bound to ejaculate faster during sex because of the weakening of muscles in the genital region while female smokers may be unable to track the sensation in their genital region and hence, can’t feel the need to climax at the appropriate time interval.

Smoking also affects the testosterone levels in both males and females, thereby decreasing sexual desire.

Stop sugar

Excessive consumption of sugar results in fatigue. In men, insulin resistance brought on by excessive amounts of sugar drives down testosterone, the hormone responsible for numerous functions including sexual wellbeing.

In women, high sugar levels can cause vaginal dryness. This decreases pleasure and can also cause intercourse to be painful.

Reduce your stress level

Stress takes a great toll on libido, thereby do all you can to reduce activities that often get you worked up.

Cortisol, a hormone produced by stress, has the ability to suppress our sex hormones. A lower quantity of sex hormones results in lower libido.

Stop faking orgasms

Don’t fake it to make your partner feel better. If you act like you’re enjoying intercourse, then your partner will never feel the need to adjust or improve. Be honest and state out your partner’s shortcomings and your expectations.

Stop focusing on the end results

If you only focus on orgasms, you’ll probably find it hard to get there. You have to focus on the experience and the thrill leading up to an orgasm. If you pay close attention to and enjoy those sensations, then the orgasm will naturally follow.

Stop leaving fruits and vegetables out of your diet

Certain foods (fruits and vegetables) can help to increase your sexual performance.

Banana, a potassium-rich fruit, can help lower your blood pressure, which in turn boosts sexual performance. Other fruits that help with sexual performance include watermelon, avocado, and apple.

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