What are we if not a piece of a complex puzzle, constantly evolving till we discover places and things that we find a home in. The foregoing might have been another example of unnecessary philosophising on the internet were it not for the case of Teni, The Entertainer’s evolution.

In 2017, Teni released her first video, Fargin, officially unleashing her immense musical talents on us mere mortals. In the video, we see her donning gender-conforming fashion, wearing makeup and acting out a socially accepted gender behaviour.

But if you follow and enjoy Teni’s activity on social media, by now you might find her first music video a tad surprising, different from the hilarious, loud, joyful and unapologetically gender nonconforming Teni.

Since the release of Fargin video, Teni has remained prolific, releasing seven music videos in a little over a year.

Put them together side by side, the singer’s music videos represent a visual case study on her evolution, sartorially and otherwise, and of her slowly, but steadily, abandoning convention.

Her last video, Case, is a perfect example of Teni doing away with what is expected of her as a female artiste in a deeply patriarchal society.

She has, somehow, embraced what feels comfortable and true to her, ultimately spurning expectations and creating a visual presentation of her style, her brand.

Just recently, hosts of Loose Talks, a popular podcast, took disgraceful digs at Teni for her presentation.

But it appears that this didn’t faze Teni, who has doubled down on her personal style and, apparently, makes no effort to sugarcoat the fact that gender convention, informed by misogyny and hegemonic masculinity, can’t, and won’t, bug her down or distract her from her goal of making good music.

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