Oluwaseyi Akerele, Nigerian record producer better known as Shizzi, has engaged Teni Apata, the musician, in a war of words on Twitter over the production of ‘Case’, her hit single.


Teni released ‘Case’ in 2018 and the song has continued to pull the strings in the music space.

The drama started on Friday when Teni took to her Twitter page to advise her fans to walk away from those she called “users”. She had said such groups often use people and dump them thereafter.

“Users have no pity, they’ll use you and feel no remorse, don’t let that crown shift. Walk away,” she wrote.


Shizzi, however, taunted the musician over the post, claiming she is not in a position to give such a tip considering what she did to him.

The record producer also claimed that he produced ‘Case’ for Teni in 2018 but the singer then gave the song to her in-house producer to reproduce it without giving him the necessary credit.


“Oh you don dey feel am? Them don dey serve you breakfast already? See who’s talking about users???” he queried.


“You, that took a song that I produced with you “Case” and you went and gave your in-house producer to reproduce it without my consent and you released the song and your guy “Nurse Dolor” endorsed it with no remorse till 2day.., you’re talking about users.. nah stop it!”

In her reaction, the ‘For You’ singer dismissed the claim, arguing that she only parted ways with the record producer because he “signed me with no plans and wanted to waste my life.”

The musician also dared Shizzi to drop the song’s stems if he indeed produced the track as claimed.

In audio production, stem refers to a group of audio sources mixed together, usually by one person, to be dealt with downstream as one unit.

“Drop the stems if you really produced it. Drop the stems in 10 minutes or you’re a lil bitch,” she had fired back.


In a swift reaction, Shizzi described Teni as “an ungrateful element”. He also recounted how the singer’s mother called to plead with him before they parted ways.


He further shared more clips and conversations between the duo in the past to back his claim.

But Teni insisted that the record producer should drop the track’s stem.

She also said her mother paid Shizzi when she ended her contract with him.

Shizzi, however, maintained his stance that he created the song from the scratch, and threatened he could write Sony to take the song down.

In the heat of the confrontation, Chisom Obinna Onyeke, Nigerian sound engineer, who eventually produced the song, weighed in to share his side of the story.

Onyeke, better known as JaySynths, said he and Teni had a freestyle on the track before she later departed for Atlanta at the time.

JaySynths also said the musician originally told her she wanted Shizzi to produce the song for her but things didn’t go as planned between them.

The 33-year-old claimed when Teni later returned to Nigeria, she reached out to him and he produced the song from the scratch for her.

“Teni and I had a freestyle of this song (CASE) before she went back to Atlanta. She had said she wanted Shizzi to produce the song for her (reason for the video) but obviously things did’nt go the way she planned. She got back to Naija and I produced the song from the scratch,” he wrote.

He also tackled those reacting to the controversy without understanding how music production works.

“Some of you don’t even know what stems is!!! You’ll just open your mouth and ask for stems. Smh,” he added.

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