A well-orchestrated publicity stunt ‘may’ have unfurled right before our eyes — and we never even had a clue.


When brands and artistes are planning new ventures or collaborating, they sometimes embark on elaborate series of public happenings that are designed to seem like natural events.

Today, our focus is on Pepsi and Tekno.

The latter has been active and vociferous on social media in the past few weeks and the former, recently made a major announcement.


What they have in common is a business partnership, by way of a brand ambassadorship.

Tekno, whose Twitter handle, was largely inactive before recent weeks, recently (and suddenly) sprung to life — becoming full of activity.

After some back and forth with fans, the ‘Pana’ singer upped the ante by getting himself entangled — albeit uninvited — in the war of words between Davido and Wizkid.


All it took was this tweet and a couple of others.


Not long after it was posted, Tekno received immense backlash on Twitter and was called out for getting involved in a spat that was beyond him.

The artiste had a rough time, and maybe, milked the attention and the virtual water balloons that got tossed at him by the internet for supposedly trying to get under the skin of Wizkid who would later refer to him as a duck.

To milk the buzz around him a little further, Tekno waved the white flag through a tongue-in-cheek tweet.

Two days after the heat was starting to cool, Tekno transformed into a social philanthropist. He grew a heart so generous and picked the perfect moment to pitch its amazingness.

Note: before the past couple of months, Tekno’s Twitter existence largely quiet and dull.


This would continue for another sixteen days.

Still basking in the success of the engagement he had ignited, he took a brief hiatus and returned with a new strategy which he shared in a series of tweets.

First, he dropped a hint;

Then came the plan.

And he added a warning;

Of the torrent of responses Tekno received for his offer, he picked the one that his “power reach(ed)”.

Then came the execution.

Pepsi wasn’t going to leave an ambassador hanging high and dry, and so they replied with a response that seemed like they were considering the request.

And voila!

What had started as a Twitter rant by Tekno culminated in a trending social media campaign with the hashtag ‘No Shaking, Carry go’ and a jab at competitors in the quest to be viewed as the most affordable brand of all.

The plan, if at all it was one, was so natural in its approach and well thought out, including its execution.

However, one could argue that it may have just been a mere coincidence and a series of unconnected happenstances but whichever way it falls, it was indeed a win-win for Tekno, Pepsi and most certainly Nigerians — who will now pay less for the beverage.

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