Angela Ajetunmobi, daughter of late Theodore Mukoro, says he coined the popular ‘shine shine bobo’ catchphrase for Star lager and ‘black tin good o’ for Guinness.


Apart from being the first headmaster in the iconic ‘Village Headmaster’ series, Ajetunmobi said Mukoro was an all round creative who made giant strides in the advertising world.

“He worked for Star beer where he coined the phrase `Shine shine bobo’ and `Black tin good o’ for Guinness beer,” Ajetunmobi told NAN.

“I remember Patti Boulaye, OBE, who also featured in the Lux Soap advert he shot in Miami, Florida in the US.


“He had a lot of achievements in the advertising world. We, including my late mother, grew up in front of the television participating in adverts.”

Ajetunmobi said her father “coined a few of the characters’ names” in The Village Headmaster.

She said he continued to work until the week before he died, saying he was consulted widely in the advertising world.


“We were used to seeing them come here and give him briefs to write. He would be up till 4a.m. He had a great work ethics; not a lazy man,” she said.

Ajetunmobi said Mukoro’s illness before his death as “very brief”.

She said: “He took ill on Saturday, was admitted in hospital on Sunday and he gave up in the of Wednesday , March 7 in the arms of my sister-in-law, the wife of my father’s only surviving son.

“The doctors were wondering why and asking what was the relationship between Uncle Ted and his daughter-in -law. They were very close and it was like he had waited for her to arrive the hospital that morning. He was said to have held her hand and took his last breathe.


“He just slipped away while we were planning his 90th birthday for October.”

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