TBoss wishes she took more nude photographs of herself before her motherhood journey.


The reality TV star said this via Instagram while reminiscing about the changes in her physique due to childbirth.

“Motherhood: Everything’s different on these streets these days. Some days, I don’t even recognize myself,” she wrote.

“I wanna say that I love my new body but that wouldn’t be entirely true. We struggle with so many changes. Whilst I do realize that this change had to come for me to feel the Joy & Love which I feel, I sometimes miss my old body.


“Damn I was sexy. My Body was banging. I just wish I had taken more photos naked. I can’t diet because I love food too much & I haven’t found a slimming tea that’s pleasant to the taste and actually works.

“I have decided to exercise and I found that boxing does it for me. It’s an overall physical & mental workout and it makes me feel super Amazing. Looking forward to when I would look great again.”

TBoss is a mother of two children, the last of which she birthed in 2019.


Prior to her delivery, there were claims that Dino Melaye, a politician, was responsible for the pregnancy.

Debunking the rumours, Melaye had said: “It’s not me. I never dated TBoss.”

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