There is no rule book on how to make a relationship work.


Despite love not being a science, there are certain truths that some couples already know which is making their relationship flourish.

Here are six relationship principles successful couples already know.

Relationships are hard work


After watching a ton of romantic comedies in your teenage years, it’s easy to assume that being in a committed relationship will be a bed of roses — forgetting that even roses have thorns.

Perfect relationships don’t just happen; they require hard work and dedication. To have a great relationship, it’s important to have this vital knowledge from the get-go.

Appreciate each other every day


Bouncing off the first point, one may think making an effort daily is hard work — but it’s not.

Appreciating your partner does not always have to be grand gestures but instead, it’s the smaller, more personal efforts that count.

These small gestures make them aware that you care. Also, use your words. ‘I love you’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I appreciate you’ are not so hard to say.

So, instead of looking for the shiniest diamond pendant, you can fill up their car tank or set a glass of water by their bedside for them to wake up to.


Never to go bed angry 

Anger never solves anything.

Instead, it makes you self-absorbed, limiting your ability to see the situation clearly or from a different perspective.

Holding a grudge will eventually kill the relationship.


Be best friends

This may not sound romantic but you’ll find that those in the happiest relationships say the friendship they share makes for their best moments together.

So if you’re not already best friends with your partner, find a way to become friends and stay that way.

Don’t depend on your partner for your happiness


Relationship amateurs are guilty of making their partners their sole source of happiness.

But those who have figured it out know that only you can make yourself truly happy.

Don’t depend on anyone for your joy.

You can’t change your partner, only yourself

Many people go into relationships with the intention to change their partner.

If that’s your plan, it will most likely fail.

If there’s a character trait you don’t like, don’t enter into the relationship with the hopes that they will change to make you happy.

Instead, be vocal about your feelings from the onset. If the reason is valid and your partner is reasonable, they will compromise.

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