When Beverly Naya was growing up in the UK, she was bullied serially for being ugly. Her schoolmates were too infantile to comprehend the unconventional beauty she holds in her gracious body wrapped in lush crimson skin. The early-life bullying and dejection beat up her confidence and Beverly recoiled from anything that called attention to her. She learnt to quiet her distinctive honey-brown glow of perfection and blend in with the majority. 


Fast forward years, and it was her love for acting that forced her to tear off the veneer of conformity and embrace the resplendent grace of her liquid-brown skin and the beauty it amplifies.

Beverly was quick to identify acting as her passion and began a career at the age of 17. She went on to study acting, script-writing and film-making at Roehampton University and Brunei University.

But her big splash came when she decided to move back to Nigeria and reap from the booming orchard of Nollywood. She was featured in ‘Tinsel’ and  ‘Home in Exile’ and won a handful of awards that lent credence to her acting talent. The actress also produced ‘Skin’, a 2019 documentary that dissects the bleaching epidemic among Nigerian women.


As her acting career took an upward trajectory, Beverly’s innate fashionista grew too — rocking sartorial patterns that feed off the glistering lushness of her onyx skin.

She bleeds sexiness and grace into every attire that touches her body. In a black velvety dinner dress or red corset, the flush of her golden-brown skin tone accentuates the articles of clothing and enthralling eyeballs.

Below are photos of her glorious gallery:


Beverly NayaBeverly NayaBeverly NayaBeverly NayaBeverly NayaBeverly NayaBeverly NayaBeverly NayaBeverly Naya

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