Contrary to popular belief, starving yourself will not help you loose weight. Rather, it will do the opposite and cause you to gain weight.


Obesity is a crutch on many people’s lives as it comes with a bunch of psychological negatives like low self-esteem, depression, and self-hate.

When you starve your body, your natural instincts kick in. The body needs to survive. So the fewer calories you consume, the more your metabolism slows down. Your body will release a hormone called leptin which increases your appetite and hunger which will cause you to eat more than you regularly do.

People easily get discouraged when trying to lose weight and do not see results as quickly as they wish to. This causes stress eating or emotional eating, eating to console yourself rather than eating because of hunger.


The desire to lose weight alone is not enough as restricting yourself from eating can permanently slow down your body’s metabolism.

To lose weight, one must be patient, optimistic and disciplined. Get on a diet that does not deprive nor harm you, pair that with a moderate workout plan.

Don’t workout hard, workout smart! Consistency is key.


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