Excessive loneliness or solitude can hurt your brain, psychologists and medical practitioners have warned.


It is essential that one spends time alone but it becomes dangerously unhealthy when it becomes a habit and you develop the love for being alone all the time.

Here are reasons you shouldn’t spend too much time alone.

Brain decline/loss of memory


Psychologists have said that those who spend too much time alone are likely to suffer from brain decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

Meditation becomes redundant because you spend most time of the day with your thoughts and anxious rumination.

Risk of suicide


Lonely individuals have higher chances to commit suicide.

Loss of quality sleep

When you engage your mind all through the day without any form of rapport with another mind, you won’t get to enjoy quality sleep at night.

Stress hormones and rise in blood pressure


Once your body system can’t have a good night rest, your stress hormones are more active than others in the body.

Also, loneliness alters the regulation of the circulatory system which further prompts the heart muscle to work harder.

Relationship with others become boring

Rather than say “I get bored when I am alone”, lonely people get easily bored when they spend time with people.


Their social interactions gradually become minimal and they stop enjoying being around people.

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