Snapchat has begun the sale of a new gadget called ‘Spectacles’, a video-capturing sunglasses.


The glasses will have a direct connection with the Snapchat application on your phone so whatever you capture will go straight to your smartphone.

You can’t purchase Spectacles in any tech store as they are only being sold through ‘Snapbots’ which look like vending machines.

According to Business Insider, a smiling, yellow vending machine with balloons strapped to the top appeared unexpectedly in a Venice Beach on Thursday morning, and crowds of people quickly queued up to buy the limited-edition $130 glasses.


Snapchat is soon going to roll out these Snapbots across the US.

The new locations will be announced 24 hours before they appear, and you can check the Spectacles website to see when and where new locations will be available.

The Snapbots will also use the same technology the app uses for its face-distorting lenses so that people can try on different-colored Spectacles before making a final purchase.


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