Scientists have invented a smartphone app that can help middle and older aged adults to manage mental illness.


The app covers illnesses like stress vulnerability, illness, medication adherence, substance and medication abuse.

Researchers at Dartmouth College, US, say they have tested the app’s usability.

10 individuals (mean age of 55.3 years) with serious mental illnesses and other chronic health conditions were said to have reported a high level of usability and satisfaction with the app.


The researchers say even patients with limited technical skills could use the app.

Karen Fortuna, a researcher and lecturer who led the study, explained that the technology has more advantages when compared with traditional psychosocial interventions.

“The use of mobile health interventions by adults with serious mental illness is a promising approach that has been shown to be highly feasible and acceptable,” she said.


“Smartphone applications also potentially facilitate patient engagement in participatory, personalised, and preventative care.

“As the healthcare industry increasingly embraces prevention and illness self-management, it is important for physicians and patients to be actively involved in designing and developing new technologies supporting these approaches.”

The study was published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.


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