Relationships, whether with a romantic partner, sibling, parent, colleague, member of extended family, or neighbors make up a large part of an individual’s social life.


Should, however, these relationships begin to make one feel down, sad, and generally unhappy, it might be time to say goodbye and part ways.

Despite this easy theory, popular experience confirms that attempting to walk away from a relationship, even a toxic one, is mostly never an easy move. 

These six steps will help inform you on how to leave a toxic relationship with your head held high;



Stop living in denial



No, you’re not crazy.  Yes, it’s okay that your relationship isn’t perfect and it’s also not your fault the other person always brings you down.

The most important step in getting rid of a toxic relationship, is to first admit the reality of things. Do not feel ashamed to see things as they clearly are; toxic.

By accepting reality, you pave way to facing the problem head on, thereby creating a lasting solution to your problem.

Analyse the current state of the relationship




After coming to terms with the state of things, it is now time to analyse your relationship. If you cannot do this on your own, get a trusted friend who can offer their objective opinion. Better still, get professional help.

Examine the way the other person treats you and how you typically inclined to respond to their maltreatment of you. 


After doing this, make up your mind to stop being a victim of your toxic partner. 

Break off the toxic relationship




Now that you have analysed the situation of things in your relationship, it’s time to take action. Take up the courage to end things with this toxic person. If need be, confront them with the fact of the matter: you cannot keep up with their negativity.

Be firm in your resolve and do not be altered by cheap or false apologies as it is an attempt to get yo back into their web of horror.

Allow Yourself Heal 



Now you have ended things, it’s time to get your life together. Do not wallow over the past or sink in despair, rather learn from your past mistakes and go ahead to be a better version of yourself.

Get out of your comfort zone



It’s time to leave your safe space. You’ll not heal rapidly in isolation.

Go out, make new friends, learn new skills, pick up a new hobby, cross something off your bucket list, and just live the best way you can.


Surround yourself with positive friends


By the time you begin to go out more often and socialize, you’re bound to meet new people. And the more you interact with these people, the sooner you’ll be making friends.

But be wise, and choose your friends wisely. Make sure they are people who genuinely interested in your wellbeing, and care about you.

Should anyone present signs of negativity towards you, stay as far away as possible from them.

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