Stuck at the mall by yourself [because your johnny-come-lately friends aren’t on time for your hang out]? Or are you just a lone wolf just off for another adventure? Being in the mall alone doesn’t have to be boring again.


It’s not enough to wander from one end of the mall to the other trying to kill time. You can have fun all by yourself and even experience a greater time than with a group of friends.

Of course, this does not mean you should go about cutting off your friendships, as the relationship of true friendships are irreplaceable. However, it is advantageous should you learn how to enjoy your own company. Because being by yourself once in a while, is a great way to build a strong mental health.

On the other hand, should the thought of having fun by yourself seem impossible and frightening, it’s probably time to change your mindset of loneliness. Loneliness, whether chronic or mild, can occur as a result of several thousands of factors.


Again, this mindset can be transformed with the right attitude and in chronic cases, the right therapy.

The first thing to remember when you’re all by yourself is not to panic. Loneliness is a common feeling people go through daily. However, determine in your heart not to let the feeling deter you from having fun.

  • Window Shop

There are always those luxury items such as shoes, dresses, jewelry, makeup products, handbags, etc which we avoid at the malls. You know those stores you’ve always been too shy to walk into because obviously, you cannot afford what they sell.


Now that you’re alone, it’s time to find out what these stores actually sell without your money. Isn’t that a dream come through? The good thing is that most stores would not mind a window shopper and in fact, some would feel flattered by an avid admirer.

You may also be in luck to catch a luxury store on the day they’re offering price slashes or promotions. That way, you can purchase one of two items on display for way cheaper.

  • Browse Through A Bookshop

Now you’re alone at the mall might be the best time to get that book you’ve always wanted. Interestingly, most bookstores at the malls meet a diverse audience.

You can get books covering a wide-range of disciplines, interests, and scope. Literature books, children books, as well as stationeries, are commonly found in these bookstores.


Of course, if you do not make any purchases, it’s still interesting that you could have browsed through the available books as well as made a mental note of those you may purchase in future.

  • See A Great Movie At The Cinema

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as seeing a movie at the cinema all by yourself. For one thing, you’ll be guaranteed that the movie you pay for is one you’ll want to see and not based on a friend’s cajole.

If otherwise, the movie you’ll be seeing is a recommendation, there’s no harm in checking it out for yourself.

Take it from someone who goes to the cinema by herself. Going to the movies alone is the best kind of fun anyone can have!

  • Take A Lunch Break

After all that walking around, you must be tired. Take a break at one of the many store chains available at every mall. From Shoprite, to Chicken Republic, and Krispy Kreme, there are more than enough stores to choose from.

Your choice store or restaurant or cafe, may be dependent on what you want to eat. While some stores specialize in pastries and coffee only, others specialize in serving staple food items only and a few, combine both services.

The good thing about these stores is that they own outlets or sitting areas where their customers can sit, even after eating or snacking to relax.

  • Shop For Groceries

You may have promised to replace the toilet paper supply at home after using up the last roll. Or maybe you’ve planned to replace your supply of cereal, sugar, or milk.


Remember those items on your To-Get list? This may be the best time to get them. Pop into a store to get all grocery needs.

Don’t forget to whip out your list and get those important grocery items which meet your daily needs.

  • Attend And Participate In An Activity

Sometimes, brands and individuals organize activities at the mall. These could range from musicals, games, trade fairs, or art exhibitions.

You can let your curiosity draw you into participating in these activities, and who knows, you might have a hidden talent for poetry, musicals or playing games.

Sometimes, you’ll be surprised at the kind of connections you might create at these events.

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