It’s that unique moment of the year again when lovers celebrate and show love to each other. Yes, Valentine’s Day is here. And yes, you can still enjoy the day if you are in a long-distance relationship.


There is no gainsaying that being in a long-distance relationship can be tough. But with creativity and planning distance won’t be a barrier?

So, with these cute ways, you can still have fun on Valentine’s Day even if you’re miles apart.

  • Surprise visit

Sweep your partner off their feet by planning a surprise visit. There’s nothing that will be more romantic than visiting when you aren’t expected.


Depending on how far the distance is, planning a surprise visit on Valentine’s Day is always a sure way to make your lover happy. Spending time together tends to be the most significant gift for lovers, as it will even help spice up your long-distance love life.

  • Be the first to call them

Your voice should be the first to be heard by them. Get up a little early on Valentine’s Day to call your partner; appreciate them, tell them how much you love and cherish them.

Spend significant time with each other on voice calls or facetime just telling each other sweet words. With this, it will make them feel you’re right there with them and also make them feel special and loved. You might even try to repeat it at night, make your voice the last they will hear before going to bed.

  • Watch a romantic movie together

You can actually have fun together while apart. Is there a movie or series you have always wanted to watch? This is a good time to watch it with your partner.

Wondering how you would even do so when apart? All you need to do is to stream the movie at the same time and can also keep comments about the movie flow using text or facetime. To make this more fun-filled, you both can decide to take the same snacks while watching the movie which can give the feeling of being together.

  • Send them a special gift

Valentine’s day is majorly for love showing and gift sharing. You can decide to show your partner how much you cherish them by sending a special gift on Valentine’s Day.

Sending gifts can be a cute way to remind your partner to cherish your relationship with them, even if you’re physically apart. You can make this more creative by putting in a handwritten love letter.


Confused about what to gift them? You can stylishly ask them what they want and also decide what to gift them if you know and understand their love language.

  • Read a romantic book together

You both can decide to celebrate love by reading an engaging romantic book together. You both should decide on a novel to read, start at the same time and you could also have the same wine or snacks while reading. Make it fun-filled by discussing it together after reading.

  • Celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day

However, February 14th isn’t the only day to celebrate and show love to your partner. So, since you both couldn’t be together on Valentine’s Day you can decide to plan a vacation or something beautiful for the next time you would see.


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