Every individual female wears underwear for a variety of reasons. The basic reason, however, usually involve the prevention of outer clothing from getting soiled by bodily excretions such as vaginal fluids, urine, sweat, and menstrual blood.


Just like other inner garments like brassieres, the underwear comes in various types of befitting of several specific occasions.

This, therefore, means that every female should include at least a pair of the various kinds of underwear to avoid discomfort.



Thongs are one of that barely-there underwear. There are made with minimal coverage. Thongs have narrow coverings in front and even narrower part (T-shape) at the back making them almost invisible.

This type of underwear is convenient to be worn with tight-fitting outer clothing like bodycon dresses and skirts, shape-fitting trousers and jeans, and pencil skirts.

Thongs come in a variety of fabrics like lace, cotton and satin.


Boy Shorts

Boy shorts imitate male briefs and are one of the most comfortable female underwear. Spandex, cotton, and lace, are common materials in which boy shorts are fabricated.

For the days you’ll have short dresses, skater dresses and short skirts on, pair them with a pair of boy shorts.

Control Briefs


As the name suggests, control briefs help to emphasize body shape. Control briefs sit above the waistline tucking the abdomen in thereby outlining the wearer’s shape.

These pair of underwear go great with leggings and tight-fitted clothes. Stock your wardrobe with extra pairs of control briefs if you get overly conscious of your body folds.


Among the types of underwear, G-Strings have the least coverage. For those days when you’d feel like wearing no underwear at all (come on, don’t pretend like you don’t feel this way sometimes) but also want to wear underwear, opt for a pair of G-String.


Because of its minimalistic covering, G-Strings go great with outer clothing having sheer fabrics (which would otherwise emphasized panty lines with other types of underwear).

These underwear come in a variety of fabrics and cutting.

French Cut Underwear

French cut underwear originate from the ’80s. They sit around the natural waistline providing both style and comfort. These moderate coverage underwear have higher cuts on the leg holes in comparison to other underwear.


Because of their peculiarly high-cut, these underwear go excellently with high-waist clothing like high-waist jeans, high-cut skirts and high-waist shorts.

Hipster Underwear

Think of Hipster underwear as the opposite of French-cut underwear. Hipsters have low-cut leg holes and sit on the hips as the name slightly suggests.

These mid-coverage underwear are sort of cross between a bikini and a brief while also being lighter than boyshorts.

Your best bet would be pairing these babies with low-cut trousers and jeans.

Next time you shop, factor in how these different types of underwear could switch up your fashion game. G-Strings and Thongs might take some getting used to for first-timers as they may seem discomforting at first. Boy shorts, and control briefs, however, are easily the most comfortable types of underwear.

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