Thanks to technological advancement, travelling to any country is now easier and that includes Nigeria.


Innovation has ensured that information and artificial intelligence assistants are available to help get through the uncertainty that comes with identifying tourist spots.

This means that the stress involved in booking hotels, finding directions, getting reliable reviews on places, sharing location, and even booking flights in Nigeria has been made easier and more efficient by changing our mobility options.

Six of the top travel apps that you will find useful in Nigeria are:


Jumia Travel

This application, which was founded in 2013, is the tourism section of Jumia. This platform gives you the opportunity to book flights, hotels.

It also offers users tour packages to different tourist spots.


Tourists can also find out restaurants and clubs in their environs using the Jumia Food app.


Founded in February 2000, TripAdvisor offers travellers rental cars, flight and hotel bookings, restaurants and other travel content ranging from trip inspirations and things to do in any city.

It also helps with decision making at it provides reviews and commentaries from other Tripadvisor users who have visited the country.

Advertisement is a web-based app and artificial intelligence bot that imitates Whatsapp’s chat interface.

The uniqueness of is that it gives a more localized appeal compared to Google Map: as it suggests the use of tricycles (Keke Marwa), local Danfo buses (Lagos buses), taxis, and even suggests walking if the distance to the destination isn’t far off.

Lara generally gives directions through public transportation and also provides price estimates of bus fares and taxis.


Google Maps

Google Maps is a multilingual web mapping service developed by Google offering street maps, 360-degree panoramic views of streets, satellite imagery, real-time traffic and route planning.

Google Map is very helpful with providing information about traffic conditions like alternative routes to use and areas affected by traffic; making it a valuable tool when navigating Nigerian cities like Lagos, which is famous for its traffic.



These taxi-hailing apps make plying through towns in Nigeria easy.

Users have to download the applications on their phones, sign up, enter their location (although the app automatically generates the user’s location), and enter their destination.

Drivers within the user’s location are generated as well as the fare estimate, and trip duration.

Trip It

Trip It is a mobile travelling planner that provides a platform for individuals to create their trip itinerary themselves or generate automatic itineraries through an automated email.

In addition to this, Trip It alerts subscribed users on flights, flights delays, flight cancellations and gate changes. The platform allows users to share travel plans with family, friends and co-workers.

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