Picture this, guys. You’re in a public place and then you spot a very beautiful lady and all you want to do is speak with her. Before you gather up the courage to walk up to her and get to know her, your brain raises an alarm and demands that the mission is aborted.


You abort the mission to speak to her and maybe, you’ll never quite forgive yourself for “effing up”. 

One of the biggest reasons a guy avoids speaking to a girl he’s attracted to in public is that he simply has no clue how to approach her. As simple as it seems, walking up to a stranger, engaging them in a conversation is no small feat.

However, should a guy put in the work to learn the fundamentals about approaching a lady, he’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to engaging the lady in a conversation.

  • Be Polite

A no brainer. First impressions do matter especially when trying to impress a woman so pay attention to your attitude. Be as polite as possible.

By remaining courteous, you would have no problem landing a subsequent date, and new friends.                                            

  • Respect Her Personal Space

Most times the importance of personal space is overlooked. Remember you’re a stranger and so, must give as much respectable distance as possible.


You do not want to be that guy all up in a lady’s face. Not only would you lose a shot at a second meeting, but she’d find you irritating.

Don’t also forget that when it comes to respecting personal space, taking up too little space can be detrimental to your first meeting.

  • Be Real

As much as you work towards being polite, it is important not to lose yourself in the process. Most guys do not know this, but women prefer men who are real.

So toss the tough guy, act aside and be yourself around her. You may never know what about you she’d fall for.


But take caution not to get too comfortable while trying to be real. Importantly, you want to find a balance when it comes to being real and making a good first impression.

  • Watch Your Language

You do not want to be caught using vulgar words with a woman you approach. Not only would she be disgusted, but she’d most likely walk away or bring the conversation to an end.

Additionally, you do not want to smother a lady with over-familiar language. That’s just downright creepy.

Keep your lingo simple, clean, and sharp.

  • Genuinely Compliment Her

The first thing every man should know about women is that they love compliments. Any woman whether old or young, from an older generation or otherwise, is moved by compliments no matter how little.

There’s always something to compliment about. Whether it’s her physically, hair, dress, or non-physical like character, etc.

So compliment her, and extra points if she smiles at your compliments. So keep your compliments genuine and sweet.

  • Speak Less, Listen More

If you want to successfully make a great impression on any woman you meet, listen more. Yes, women love to be listened to. They have opinions they’d love to share so be patient and listen.


In addition to this, you want to steer clear off talking too much. Get to know her better; ask them questions and pay adequate attention to hearing what she has to say.

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