You know that thing they say about not taking relationship advice from a single person? Well, that is going to happen if you read through this article. But believe me, couples in healthy relationships swear by them.


No matter how beautiful a romantic relationship is, they all are not without their ups and downs. And hence, the need for some advice now and then.

But we both know that not all relationship advice is good (even though some are dished out with good intentions). However, we must acknowledge that some advice when it comes to romantic relationships is pretty solid and hits the nail on the proverbial head.

So what constitutes good advice? In this piece, we’ll be touching on some of them and although I label them as good advice, for you, it might not be so.

  • Do Not Let Third Parties Control Your Relationship

It’s good for the people in your life informed about certain aspects of your relationship. However, this shouldn’t be without boundaries.

Relationships strive for intimacy and this can only happen between the two people involved in the relationship and no one more. For this reason, third-party opinions and control should never have a place in such a relationship.

Let the people in your life know their boundaries when it comes to your romantic relationship. And instead of taking everyone of your relationship problem to the most available friend or family member, introspect, talk things over with your partner, or go to someone who has credible experience in relationships for advice.


Keep your relationship more intimate than “out there” to avoid unnecessary drama.

  • Be Kind To Your Partner Before Getting Mad At Them

Whether you like it or not, your partner is human first before being the one you love. And hence, they’ll be times their weaknesses will pop out.

You’ll be greeted by their ugly sides and it’ll not be pretty at all. But always try to remember to think kindly towards your partner before getting angry at them.

If you do this, you’ll soon discover that most of the time a loved one is being annoying, it’s usually triggered by dissatisfaction, or unhappiness, from their end. Sometimes, they might be acting up just because they’re trying to feel less overwhelmed as they are.

  • Learn To Really Speak To Each Other

You’ve probably heard a million times that communication is key in romantic relationships.

In fact, you’ve heard this phrase one-too-many times that you’ve gotten so familiar with it that it doesn’t really mean a lot anymore.

But communicating is very important. It is what fuels every relationship including a Romantic one. This doesn’t come naturally so some extra effort must be put into learning each other’s styles of communication. What is your partner’s love language? What is their conflict style? What sort of tone do they most communicate in? When are they the most comfortable to talk? All of these and more, you must learn to talk effectively with your partner.

  • Yes, Spice Things Up!

Another phrase that has become mundane but is quite important is this.


Relationships will grow dull, routines could grow mundane, and being with the same person could cause too much familiarity.

Hence, “spicing things up” — creatively adopting new habits, exploring exciting things together will stir a ripple effect in your relationship.

  • Be Ready To Sacrifice

As far as love is concerned, sacrifices are a must. Get into romantic relationships knowing fully well you make sacrifices.

Be ready to sacrifice for the one you love and be ready to do so without a grudge.

  • Always Remember To Be An Individual

It’s quite easy to want to fade into the person with whom you’re in a relationship. But do not fall for this trap.

Always remember that before meeting your love interest, you were an individual first. Keep this in mind and work hard at being yourself while in a relationship. Pursue your dreams, (but by all means, make sacrifices here and there), marry your beliefs with that of your partner, all in all, always remember to lend your voice in your relationship. Express your thoughts and feelings.

Do any of these make sense to you? Would you reconsider taking relationship advice from another single person? Let me know in the comments.

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