Loss of job, child-rearing, and personal factors are common influencers of a parent’s decision to become a stay at home parent.

A stay at home parent is one who remains at home while their partner works outside the home. While it may seem like a stay at home parent might have it easy compared to their partner, the reverse could very well be the case.

To make matters worse, these days, being a stay at home parent has a lot of negative opinions attached to it. People may easily write off a parent for choosing to be fully focused on raising their kids as being lazy, or daft.

However, contrary to these opinions, a stay at home parent may probably be doing more work than their out-of-the-home working spouse.

Having established that the job of a stay at home parent is tasking, it is vital for anyone going down that route to firstly, consider a number of factors thoroughly. Some of these factors are emotional, social and financial. Here are some suggestions:

  • How do you really feel about being a full-time house parent?

You may feel important at first taking on this tasking decision and taking care of your kids. But ask yourself what motives are leading you to become a full-time stay at home parent. Are these motives genuine?

You need to fully understand what you’re signing up for as well as its consequences. You need to be mentally ready for friends who may turn their back on you and strangers who may look down on you for your choices at social functions. Being straightforward with yourself on this matter will give you an edge over the badmouthing.

  • Can your family survive on a single source of income?

An important step to take before making your decision is to discuss the financial state of your family. Can the working spouse’s income cater to the basic needs of the family?

Would one spouse quitting their job and remaining at home shake your standard of living? These questions but be answered by both parties honestly before proceeding.

In addition, having known their financial capabilities, the couple must go ahead and plan on how to sustain their family on a stipulated budget.

  • Effect on your social life

Becoming a stay-at-home parent will most likely mess up your social life. Being away from the office and staying at home instead may cut you off the circle of your former colleagues, partners, clients, and bosses.

This means that for instance, you’ll no longer be able to attend work-related functions.

On the other hand, you may begin to feel lonely and helpless when your friends become too busy with work and maybe, fail to make their schedule to include you.

Knowing these possibilities ahead of time could help you in making better decisions on keeping a healthy social life. For instance, hosting a function such as; a book club or game night is a good way to keep your social circle healthy.

  • What are your career prospects?

Are you planning on being a stay at home parent forever? Are you going back to work? When are you going back to work? Are you advancing your current academic level someday? These are the questions you need to answer.

Because nothing is forever constant. Your precious little kids whom you’re raising, will someday become adults and be off with their lives.

If you’re considering moving into the workforce someday, it makes sense to make little steps in remaining relevant in your professional field even while being a stay at home parent. This could be taking professional courses to improve your skills, keeping abreast with your industry by taking on remote positions or working independently from home.

  • Effect on your relationship with a spouse

There’s a possibility that certain days will catch you feeling unappreciated and unloved by your spouse. This may be untrue and just your insecurity speaking, or true, and your spouse’s insensitivity. However the case, it’s best to expect the most challenging scenario on your marriage.

Again, if this is what you truly want to do, make plans ahead of time with your spouse. Discuss with them how long you’ll be a full-time stay at home parent. Also, discuss how you’d like to assist you in excelling in this role. Additionally, make sure to strengthen your sex life with le boo, this could help keep you two intimate, healthy, and happy.

It’s quite easy to lose interest in your appearance as a house parent. Sweaty clothes are worn many times over, and unkempt appearance will slowly become the norm.

  • Do you have a back-up financial plan?

Imagine this; your spouse loses their job, is there a financial back-up to sustain the family until things are sorted out? If your answer is ‘God forbid!’ then you may not be ready to take on this job. On the other hand, if you’re confident of a worst-case-scenario back-up plan, then you’re good to go.

If you don’t, arrange for one before going full-on stay at home parent. If you need to save, invest or sell off property, do so to set some security for your family.

Remember, your decision to become fully invested in raising your kids is nothing to be ashamed of.

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