First dates can be unnerving and awkward. It can be hard work engaging a complete stranger while also trying to be on your best behaviour and impress them.


Would they appreciate your sense of humour, your style, your personality, choice of meeting and most importantly, conversation.

To spare yourself and date an embarrassing or awkward rendezvous, adequate preparation should be made before meeting with your date. And hopefully, your date goes well.

  • Compliment your date

It’d be rude to do otherwise. But keep your compliments brief, truthful and fun. Is she/he putting on a great dress? Compliment them. Smelling nice? Compliment them and so on.


Take note however, not to overdo or stretch a compliment which might make you come off as desperate or worse, creepy.

Also, do not falsify your compliment in a bid to ‘be nice’. If there isn’t anything compliment-worthy in your date, leave out on this part of the conversation.

Try not to dismiss your date’s compliments as this might come off as being rude or unclassy.

  • Talk about childhood memories

Almost everyone had an interesting childhood. By bringing up a conversation about childhood memories, you’re likely to unlock the sweet, happy, and silly part of your date.

This consequently will result in laughter, giggles, or smiles, which will definitely lighten the mood.

Better still, you might share common childhood stories with your date. An A+ move obviously.

  • Discuss bucket-lists

Who doesn’t have a bucket list — a line-up of things they hope to achieve some day? Definitely not your date. Bring up bucket lists by simply asking for instance; ‘What’s on your bucket list?’


If you have a knack for adventure, you could switch up this convo topic by asking what the scariest thing on their bucket list is.

What’s more, you can learn from your date’s answers, the type of person they are. You can even learn what their biggest dreams, fears, or even mistakes are. Remember to remain open-minded to the possible answers your date might provide.

Oh, and bonus points if you two share similar tastes or desires on your bucket list.

  • Talk about favourite things

Favourite food, songs, movies, books, cities, etc. are the kind of questions that open up your date to conversing freely. Since they’ll be discussing the things or activities they like best.


This way, you can pick out important information such as; their personality type, their likes and dislikes, and most importantly what they like best.

This information could inform future decisions on subsequent dates with them such as; the food to order in a restaurant, the right movies to see together at the cinema, or items to gift them with.  

  • Be transparent — Admit to being nervous

There’s nothing that breaks the ice of tension than admitting the raw truth.

By admitting to being nervous on a first date, you open your date to feel more at ease with themselves and you. As well as trusting you more to be bluntly honest and transparent.


If that isn’t a win, what is?

  • Discuss Jobs

You probably guess discussing jobs on a first date is tedious but it doesn’t have to be.

By discussing your jobs, you might be surprised to realize how intriguing it is to hear someone talk passionately about what they do for a living.

Besides, asking this question can spot redflags if your date avoids answering.

Remember that effective communication is the key to enjoying your first date. Listen to your date attentively, speak at your turn, do not be in a hurry to ask pre-thought questions, remain open-minded, and be polite. 

With these rules in place, your first date will be on point- well, except your village people are on your case.

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