Self-improvement is the development of a person’s character and knowledge by their own efforts and motivation. Ideally, this should be a continuous process as change is a given constant for everyone. Hence, by improving one’s self, a person can adjust to the changes in life.


But how can one practice self-improvement daily? The answer honestly, is in many different ways and more importantly, by trying to do things better than there were done the day before.

In this article, we’ve shortlisted six different ways you can practice effective self-improvement on a daily basis. Remember, we’re not therapists but we are humans and these tips have worked wonders for some of us.

  • Love Yourself

Perhaps the best thing to happen to anyone is learning how to truly love themselves. Although it might seem like a no-brainer that one should love their self, a lot of times, this isn’t the case.


To improve your general outlook on life, it’s important to learn how to love yourself. Come to terms with the fact that you are beautiful just the way you are; size, colour, and abilities. You are special and nothing less.

Daily, practice self-care activities like speaking positive words to yourself, resting, taking a break, and activities that allow you to stress yourself.

Get rid of people, activities, and thoughts which bring you down. You’ll discover you do not need them anyway. “Learn to say. “No” to certain things in your life and live happily.


Remember no one can love you better than yourself.

  • Read More

It’s no lie that readers are generally more knowledgeable than non-readers. If you’re going to improve yourself, one of the most important places to begin is reading.

Not only do books sharpen a person’s reading skills, but it also expands the confines of the mind, and improves creativity.

Remember that in daily self-improvement habits, consistency goes a longer way than quantity. It’s not about reading 10 books in a week, it’s about reading a chapter of a book throughout the year.

  • Learn From Past Mistakes And Failure

Not a single human alive is exempt from making mistakes. Likewise, failure. The only difference is how a person handles their failure and mistakes.

Come to terms with the truth that mistakes and failures are part of life and sometimes, there’s only so much a person can do to revert them. Instead, focus on the positives; how you can learn from your mistakes, and do better.

Also, never let failure or fear of failure stop you from going after a dream.

  • Set Up Your Goals 

Goals are like maps into a person’s future. And plans are sort of directions leading to goals.


Where do you see yourself a couple of months, two years, or ten years from now? What steps will lead you to those goals? By evaluating your goals and working towards them no matter how small, you’re sure on the right path of self-improvement.

Remember, as you set your goals, jump right on actionable plans which will lead you to these goals.

  • Be Consistent

The dictionary defines consistency as, “the quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way, or of always happening in a similar way.”

Sometimes, the difference between a successful individual and an unsuccessful person who is more talented than the successful individual is consistency.


What things are you working every day? Keep at it. The daily input might seem insignificant but in the long run, time rewards those who are consistent or faithful to a cause.

Like we analysed earlier, be the person who reads a chapter of a book every day as opposed to one who reads 10 books in a week and stops.

  • Love Others

Empathy, tolerance, respect, the word love is an umbrella for these words.

The next important quality to learn as you work on loving yourself is loving others. And yes, even those who have sworn to step on your toes forever.

Life is easier when you learn to love and respect people no matter who they are, where they are from, or what they might have done to you.

Was this article helpful? Let us know which of these tips you’ll be applying in your daily routine.

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