Smartphone is one device that has helped improved daily productivity, communication and even entertainment for modern the man.


As close as people may get attached to their smartphones, proper maintenance is a topic many pay little attention, or totally ignore.

Without intending to, there are some common habits that seem harmless, but may inadvertently damage your phone;

Ignoring software and application updates


Software and apps updates are introduced to fix loopholes and loopholes to boost your smartphone’s efficiency. Your smartphone may get sloppy and slow when you delay an update for so long.

More importantly, cybercriminal are usually on the lookout for devices with loopholes, in order to gain easy access to such devices and defraud owners.

So next time you see that notification to upgrade your smartphone, take your time and data to do immediately.


Using cheap and incompatible chargers

Most smartphones come with a compatible charger, but in a situation where such charger gets damaged or missing for whatever reason, it is best to replace with another charger with same quality.

A cheap charger may be pocket-friendly, but at the expense of your smartphone’s battery. Using a charger with a specification that is not compatible with your phone may ruin also your charging port.

Downloading apps from suspicious source


Free access to some applications may not be truly free until you confirm the safety of their source. The easiest way to expose your device to malware is by downloading apps from unverified platform.

So it is in your best interest to avoid downloading apps from third-party stores or suspicious websites, even if they show the icon and name of an app you think you can trust.

Allowing your phone to overheat

Strong sunlight, prolonged charging and multitasking on your device might make it overheat. But repeatedly pushing your phone to that point will likely do more harm than good to your phone.


Shielding your phone from the sun, turning it off if you have to leave it in a hot car, and otherwise keeping your device at a comfortable temperature is a good idea to prevent accidental damage.

Prolonged charging

Leaving your phone plugged in overnight is one habit that might eventually damage your phone’s lifespan. Once your battery reaches its charging limit, prolonged charging will make your phone generate excessive heat, and further strain your phone’s battery.

Exhausting phone storage


Although many smartphones are characterized with a large storage device, they still have their limit.

Once the storage limit is exhausted, your smartphone may start malfunctioning, and slow down your productivity.

Investing in an external storage device may seem wise, and cloud storage will provide a responsive access to your files without an over load on your device.

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