As the cliché story is told about when boy meets girl, the end usually hovers around boy and girl alienating everything the relationship entailed.


What changed? As much as we would like to blame the guys, when, as a lady, did you stop being amazing?

Life is about distractions and distractions will always happen. The key is to accept it does happen; saves a lot of stress because then the next course of action can be explored.

The connection, however, that binds the male and the female is what counts. And that connection entails a lot of things, divided into roles played by two parties said to be in love.


The loudly blared horn is often from the female folk crying fowl as to not being appreciated [enough] by the male counterparts in relationships. And it can be justifiable. Can be.

But, not to play morality chief, let the coin flip around for a second. When did you stop being amazing? You know, that amazing person he met; who, even by your own standards, wouldn’t exactly rate as doing a good job lately. When did you stop doing the things that made you amazing?

That’s when the story goes from being the hot girl [friend] boy met to being the hairnet and wrapper tying girl [friend] boy must accustom to. That beautiful, intelligent you shoved aside for special occasions only.


When did you stop living? When did you stop doing all the fun things that made you happy? Those hot sauna moments that would order the course of your day or week. Those momentarily visit to new restaurants or a girls night out. Just to be, you know, girls. It’s hard enough work being a girl; why not spoil yourself some when you can; Gym time, book-reading sessions, going to see a stage play.

At some point, you’d have to ask yourself if you are playing your own part, and if not, you should.

If you mentally answered any of the questions above then you know what your answer is. If you’re doing it right and you’re sure enough, then way to go! But if not, then you have to ask yourself when you stopped being you.

At what point did you lose it and how can you get back on the bandwagon. Because at the end of it all, it is not only about the relationship, it’s about life in general. Like the saying goes, only you can make you happy. And as much as it takes two to tango, a happy you equally makes a happy relationship.


And so focus on the things that make you happy. The things you like most about yourself. The things that you’re proud of, and would boldly show off.

Do things that keep your mind, body and soul intact for you. For some this could be a short trip or a well-deserved getaway. It not only rejuvenates the mind, it creates a subjective well being that borders on the positive. And you’re at peace with your soul knowing you are doing everything right, as you should. Connecting with your chi.

Remind him of that person he fell in love with.


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