Last week I gave you a few tips on how to effectively tell when your heart is about to be broken by the one you are about to or have put all your trust in ─ to guard that one precious element. Here are more tips on how to spot especially a girl who is going to break your heart.


Text in the morning, reply days later. No matter how sweet and cute the reply comes in, whether enveloped in red roses or sweet smelling perfumes, it came days later and that is read as not priority. Someone who cares enough about you would put you second, to be realistic, next to his or her entirely busy life you have come to be a presiding occupant in and not 99th place. Once you receive a replay to your text 24hours after you sent it, that person isn’t for you. Because no matter what, except a miracle happens, you probably will never be seen as priority and that can mar whatever effort you input into the relationship.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. He’s sleek, she’s kosher; they may have something under their sleeves. Do note, this might turn out on the contrary but it’s almost unlikely the case. Someone who does things perfectly and how you expect it to be might not be as genuine as you think. There is always room for mistakes, but this one is perfect, to the bones. All checks intact, feelings overboard and duties duly served, is hiding something. They are the kind of people that either wait till you fall deep before they reveal their true colors or leave you when you least expected and then have you say ‘and s/he was perfect’.

‘Let’s live in the moment’. As great as this saying goes and is advised, it is a major deal breaker when it comes to dating. So you meet a guy who is only concerned about living in the moment, not mutually but only when he feels like it. This type can get engrossed in work, friends, family and other things but not you. S/he can disappear for as much as a week without as much as a phone call or text only to reappear and urge you both to spend time together and means it. You fall for that moment when you know how angry you are but don’t have the guts to refuse because you’re also intertwined in the excitement of meeting up again and spending quality time before the disappearing acts occur. You bask in the moment and hope that he eventually feels this way more than just a night of thrill and passion. But that doesn’t happen because s/he isn’t that kind of person.


Never hang out together, except on special occasions. You ever wonder why you are dating someone and the least you do is hang out in front of your house or his? That’s a red flag. You don’t go out, see a movie together, s/he doesn’t invite you to friend meets or hangouts, or soccer practice, even events or at most church programmes or office dinners and parties. S/he either just doesn’t think you’re worth showing off to the public or hasn’t come to terms with the fact that you both are an item to pay attention to. Most people in this category are afraid to make commitments. However, they won’t let you go either, giving you the hope that they would eventually come around which they don’t. for the moment, you are active as a figure head in the relationship should anything that requires your designation pop up.

Life is worth more than staying in a relationship hoping things will turn out better and the odds eventually are in your favor. Once you have done your checks and noticed you’re a victim of a potential heartbreak, up and leave to brighter things. Make yourself available to people who are waiting to value you for who you are and would treat you right the way it is supposed to be done, not the way you hope it should be done.


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