The new clause circulating in sociosphere ─ “I better enjoy this baby boy life before I get hitched” ─ is as real as it gets. Don’t get me wrong, finding someone you love and being in a relationship with him or her is super amazing. Most people aren’t or weren’t just lucky like that, and I’m here to tell those unlucky ones that it’s OK to be single; in fact, there is an amazing opportunity waiting for you as a single person. So don’t cuddle up and cry. Instead, here are the things to get up your sleeve when you’re newly single.


Travel the world. As exorbitant as this option sounds, if you put your mind to it, it really isn’t impossible to. This obviously will appeal more the adventurous at heart that are limited when they are in relationships. Yes, most men do not like their partners traveling out of the country or away from eye view regardless of not making effective time to fill that gap left open. There are a lot of places to visit and countries to tour that do not even require a visa entry or can be gotten on arrival. Activate your adventurous side and start living. Explore new cultures and give your taste buds a dash of cuisines apart from the one it is used to.

Meet new people. Go to new places. It is time to take a break from always trying to get into a relationship. It’s time to start living for you, time to love yourself and unravel the potential you have hidden within you that you never knew existed. There are a lot of people out there, male and female, waiting for you to as much as smile at them for a conversation to spark. Step outside and say hi to a random person at the mart or a fellow mane customer at the salon. There are a lot of hidden places in town undiscovered. Take a day off and venture on a road trip and spend a day or two with you meditating or exploring.

Check that bucket list. We all have that list of things we want to before we bade goodbye to our time on this earth, but distractions or engagements such as work, relationships (most times), responsibilities and what not keep us too busy it’s almost impossible to. Well here’s a good time to start checking the list. And I hope yours has sky diving on it.


Watch stage plays. Stage plays are a delight. The fact that you can sit and watch a live performance without any cameras on their faces and direction once it starts makes it unique and genuine if you are indeed a play lover. Take a break from the cinemas and attend a stage play and let the experience mesmerize you.

Food tasting. One other thing I like besides wine tasting is food tasting. What is this life if you haven’t had a taste of the different cuisines the good Lord has blessed us with? Even better, they are absolutely affordable depending on your order. So why not indulge? It could be a restaurant per weekend or month and have a taste of the different foods of the earth. You can even create your own recipes; the internet can help with the different recipes for cuisines around the world. Take your taste buds on a new journey and perfect your culinary skills. Remember to put in down in a journal whichever one you decide.

Attend Events. Go to the bar, have a drink or two. When was the last time you indulged in such activity without a throng of friends or a partner? Check where it is happening in town (thankful most websites have a list of what goes down every weekend) and be sure to clad up in your best attire and attend it. Make sure you have fun doing so as well.


Discover yourself. Discovering yourself at this time in your life is absolutely important. There are a lot of mistakes made and many to correct. Do some reflection on your life: have you achieved the goals you set out to achieve? Can you comfortable say you believe in yourself to set out to do things? Take a moment and do some meditation, take yoga classes or palettes; start a gym class. They help soothe the mind. Read books, plan your next step; your future.




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