If this hadn’t happened to someone very close to me I’d have thought this was some kind of expensive social network joke.

But alas it did.

And I was as shocked as my friend was when it happened.

Apparently she works with a guy who’s been trying to woo her for some time, and naturally, she’s been rebuffing his advances.

Soon enough, she gave in and they started dating. He asked for more and naturally again, she opposed it insisting they take things slow.

Then one morning, he surprised her with a broadcast message saying that he would be getting married to his best friend and long-time lover in a matter of months.

My friend of course could only console herself with the fact that she opposed taking the relationship further. She really did begin to like him though.

Now breaks-ups such as this are flying high on social communities.

With stories ranging from a five to ten year relationship being surprised with a tamed wife in waiting – to guys going all the length to date a lady only to wake up to his wedding bells.

Recently on social media, a lady announced her relief that she hadn’t taken the time to fall in love with her “boyfriend” when she saw his wedding pictures online.

Apparently, he had known her from way back in school but had never gotten the chance to make an approach.

Now in their working class phase, their paths crossed once again and he seized the opportunity to try, but she was against dating him. Later on, she gave in but still had her doubts even so that whenever he tell her he loves her, she smirks.

Then one day, he used a girl’s picture as his BBM display picture and when he didn’t take it down for over a month, she had to ask who the girl was and he replied saying it was his cousin and she had recently gotten engaged, hence he used her picture in anticipation of the wedding.

She smirked at that too.

Then one day she saw his wedding picture scroll through her phone via Twitter and lo and behold! It was the girl he used as his BBM display picture.

It is alarming at how frequent this has become, whether it is for the fact that there is the presence of social media or that the act became more pronounced, with time – we wouldn’t tell.

Question is, why?

Why go into it, take time and even resources to get this girl to like you, fall for you?

If it was for the sake of side chick, it doesn’t require all the effort.

Instead of getting emotionally attached to a lady, all men need is to pick out of the throng that are throwing themselves at them.

Because, isn’t it against the rule book of having a side chick to be emotionally attached?

Why because sex is good? The food is good? The company is great?

So why are you marrying the main chick If most of the qualities you want is in the side chick.

That phenomenon I would never understand but then does that mean women should go into relationships half-heartedly? So what is the point of a relationship if all you’re going to do is continuosly watch your back?

The end game

Most women don’t get out of such situations as easily as the guy walks away and this leaves them damaged of some sort.

Why some women take their tales to social media is beyond me. Who knows, it may be their way of healing?

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