Born Simi Adewole, the young designer known by the moniker ‘Simi Teds’ veered into the world of cloth-making primarily because the fashion brands he desired were above what he could afford.


The brain behind Teds Bespoke has always loved to look good, and when it was impossible to purchase the clothes he wanted, he decided to make them.

Ever since then, the Babcock University graduate has plunged headlong into the fashion world, guided by the desire to stand out.

Launching his second collection tagged ‘Sunset in Moscow’, Adewole shares his journey into fashion and the significance of the new collection with TheCable Lifestyle.


What made you venture into fashion?

It was as a result of a desire to create personal uniqueness, apart from the fact that I was broke and I couldn’t afford the brands I wanted.


What inspired ‘Sunset In Moscow’?

‘Sunset In Moscow’ signifies a collection of classic business suits that match the taste of a business-oriented city like Moscow, Lagos, New York and any other big city in the world.

The “sunset” is basically just a metaphor.

It was inspired by the willingness to bring about a fusion of Western and African fashion culture through my suits.


Is this your first collection?

No, this is not my first collection.

I have done a couple collections ranging from casuals to classics but the only classic collection I have released is ‘Classy By Nature’ which has become more like my trademark.


Who would you say is your target market?

I would say business owners basically, but generally, anybody who wants to look good and classic is a prospective client. Regardless of your age or profession.

What’s most important to you when making a suit?


Making a suit is a process so picking out one thing that is really important might be difficult.

I would say however that the most important things are, selection of excellent fabrics, getting the perfect measurement, paying attention to every detail and giving the masterpiece an awesome finish.

What are the challenges you face as a young designer?

I think it’s gaining experience and acceptance by the customer.

But these challenges have helped me over the years because I have taken them in the right manner as a learning process.

Do you have any influences from the Nigerian fashion industry?

Definitely. I am influenced by everyone in the fashion industry who is keeping it real and winning. They make me want to do better.

On ‘Sunset In Moscow’, Adewole worked with Russian models Alex Sasha, Sergey Volaterov, Takhir Curly, and Russia-based Nigerian models Taye Fasuyi, Kazeem Asiyanbi, and Michael Akins.

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