Simi, the Nigerian songstress, says male artistes should consider it a privilege that they can go shirtless on stage.


The singer spoke about male privileges in the music industry and the gender difference in live performances.

Simi said men can always go shirtless or take off their shoes whenever they’re sweaty. She added that this is not so with females.

“Men be on stage singing without heels and make-up. They start sweating small like this, they [take] off [their] shirt without even thinking about it. If that’s not a privilege, I don’t know what is,” the singer wrote on Twitter.



Simi had earlier spoken about the struggles of female singers in Nigeria and how industry stereotypes crush many.

She said both executives and the music audience are often inclined to pit female musicians against one another.

“Some of the things I’ve experienced, specifically as a woman in this industry. They will try to pit you against other women. Try to redefine your value. Try to get in your head and remodel your self-esteem,” Simi had said.

“I have even had it easier than many. Even executives and the audience alike. It comes from all sides.


“When a woman complains about what she’s experiencing, I see many people saying ‘what about so and so’ does she have two heads. To me, that’s unfortunate, because everybody’s experience is different.

“Your truth cannot invalidate someone else’s. For every woman that is making it, there are tons of women that have been broken. If you stand up for yourself, ‘she’s difficult’. If you’re not a pushover, ‘she’s proud’.

“Take time for yourself, ‘she’s lazy’. Ask for what you deserve, ‘she’s greedy’. Have you ever settled down to thinking that a woman might seem difficult because she’s the only one on her side? Fighting family, industry, stereotypes!”


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