Simi Ogunleye, Nigerian singer better known as Simi, has hit back at Mazi Ibe, an influencer on Twitter, who, she said is always in the habit of trolling her.


The Twitter influencer had allegedly dragged the talented singer multiple times in the past until she blocked him.

However, Ibe — with a new account — managed to get hold of the singer’s post of a picture she took with Adekunle Gold, her husband, while celebrating Christmas, and took off from where he left by replying with a snide remark.

“The good side of my suspension is I get to see your tweets. Feels good after how many years,” he wrote.


In another post, he made reference to the incident between Simi and Naira Marley that led to the latter’s arrest in May.

“Simi and EFCC. The greatest influencers of the year 2019. They gave us Marley,” he wrote.


To further add salt to injury, he retweeted a reply to his earlier tweet that suggested Simi would secretly wish to be part of Naira Marley’s fan base called the ‘Marlians’.

This apparently became the last straw that broke the camel’s back for 31-year-old vocalist who embarked on a “full-blown” tirade against the Twitter influencer in a series of tweets.

“Popular isn’t always right. I don’t care how many people are on a train – if it’s not going where I’m going, it’s still the wrong destination. Everybody stupid ko mean pe ki iwo na stupid. Social media will never replace my own common sense. So follow ur own personal ladder,” she wrote.


“And you be careful not to let these cheap social media noisemakers that, honestly, totally and truly have nothing to add to your life take away from it. Use the brain our Lord God gave you. Happy new year in advance.”

She also dared the influencer to never talk about her again.

“And I dare you, @i_pissvodka, to never talk about me again. Unless u’re obsessed or I’m really bringing you that influencer money. Because I’m just a little girl minding my own. Or next time you see me outside, come to me and speak ur mind,” Simi added.

“Let’stalk woman to child – instead of you sneaking, taking pictures of me, looking for laughs on social media. Big boy, you gawky internet bully, twitter warrior, I dare you to dislike me enough to pretend I don’t exist. So ti gbo.”


The ‘Selense’ crooner, who is very active on Twitter, had recently revealed that the people whom she used to respect have changed after attaining a status of influence.

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