Georgia Arnold, director of MTV Shuga, has dropped a few hints on what fans of the show can expect from the new season.


Shuga, an award-winning educative MTV Base drama series, is set to return for its sixth season.

Arnold told TheCable Lifestyle that the new season will include actors from other parts of the country as the show is trying to be inclusive.

“In this new season of Shuga, we’re being much more inclusive across the country and we haven’t really done that before,” she said.


“We’ve got some families from the north, we have Hausa speaking actors and a lot of our story lines will be relevant for the north so we’re looking at child marriage, adolescent pregnancy.

“We’re going to be tackling heavyweight issues that are culturally ingrained, it’s going to be a real challenge but I am really looking forward to it.”

Commenting on the turnout for the auditions, she said people started arriving at the venue as early as  1:45am.


“This audition is crazy, the guy who is number on the list came here at 1:45am so we have had people queuing all through the night and they are still queuing outside now,” she told TheCable Lifestyle.

“They are being fantastically patient because when they come in, they have about 10 stops before they get to their first audition. It’s frustrating because we want to see as many people as possible but we appreciate everyone that came.”

Arnold, who is also the vice president of social responsibility for MTV Networks International, said people get worried for her whenever she’s coming to Nigeria.

She said: “I love coming to Nigeria. I’m from the UK and when I tell people that I’m coming to Nigeria, they raise their eyebrows and ask if it safe. I’ve been here 15 or 16 times and I’ve had a fantastic experience. People are warm and friendly. I feel like it’s not quite my second home but I’m always pleased to be back.”


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