Entertainment mogul Shina Peller has said his philanthropy isn’t a strategy to position himself for political office. 

The Quilox nightclub owner said although he is getting calls to vie for office, he isn’t considering venturing into it at the moment.

“I actually don’t know why people are mistaking my philanthropic activities to be political because it isn’t something that just started now,” the Aquilla Records CEO told Hip TV.

“I’ve done a lot in Lagos. Every year I have schools that I support; like the school for the blind. I pay more attention to the physically challenged people because I see it as my responsibility to help that person.

“For people that think it is political, it is not. I don’t like politics.

“But they say only a fool doesn’t change his mind. I’ve been getting pressures from leaders, from back home, from family and friends and everybody is thinking that I should take the opportunity. I have to think of the advantages and disadvantages.

“I have built my business to a stage whereby if I decide to go into politics, I don’t want something that would affect me business-wise.”

Peller’s daughter, Naomi, recently made her musical debut. Her first song ‘Believe’ was released under her father’s record label.

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