Shea butter is a cosmetic fatty oil that is extracted from the African Shea tree.


Many believe it’s the skin’s best friend. It is 100% natural and does no harm to the body.

Shea butter provides the skin with the essential fatty oil needed for collagen production, and its uses are many.

Vitamin A and E


Shea butter contains vitamin A which helps in improving skin conditions like eczema, blemish and wrinkles as well as vitamin E which protects the skin from environmental damage. It also serves as anti-aging cream.

Healing oil

Shea butter is therapeutic as it cures the skin of rashes, peeling, scars, stretch marks, burns, arthritis, insect bites and stings, among others.


Skin moisturiser

The moisturiser in Shea butter is the same produced by sebaceous glands in the body.

You need no sunscreen with Shea butter. It has a natural sunscreen that helps protect the skin against ultraviolet radiation by supplying extra moisture and nutrients.

Infant care


Shea butter is the best cream for babies because of its 100% natural content.

Baby’s skin shouldn’t be exposed to chemicals at early stage, hence, the need for Shea butter.

Hair and scalp treatment

This fatty oil soothes dry scalp and fights dandruff off the hair from the root to the tip and helps repair breakage.


Shea butter also helps protect the hair from harsh weather condition. For those wearing natural hair, shea butter helps softens and revitalises the hair.

Good for make-up

Shea butter, when applied as foundation, helps make-up and powder last longer on the face.

Shea butter when applied on the eyelids, makes eye shadow last longer.


If the smell of shea butter nauseates you, it is advisable to go for creams whose makeup contain large amount of shea butter.

Shea butter is human’s cheapest and most nourishing oil.

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