Not many child actors are able to fully survive the transition into adult stars, but Sharon Ezeamaka is getting done.

Ezeamaka, a famous child star, is no stranger to the camera, having had the first taste of it approximately two decades ago.

Now 25; cutting her teeth, and earning her stripes, she is intent on remaining relevant and taking on roles that will help increase her stock.

Ezeamaka as a Bournvita child model
Ezeamaka as a Bournvita child model

The actress got her first acting gig in Narrow Escape, in 1997 when she was only five years old.

These days, the juiciest piece of meat on her plate is playing ‘Princess’ in Shuga, a television series by MTV Base.


Ezeamaka has nothing in common with the “complicated” young woman she presently portrays on Shuga, but the job must be done.

An actor, after all, must possess the ability to breathe and live a character while on set.

“It’s amazing playing Princess in Shuga because she is completely different from Sharon so it is like stepping into someone else’s body to play the character,” she told TheCable Lifestyle.

“I think she’s a fun person, she’s complicated and you never know what she’s going to react or what she’s thinking. It’s been very interesting to play her.

“I don’t think I share any similarities with her. I don’t think I am as stubborn or as annoying. I’m the oldest sibling in my family so I am not anybody’s younger sister. I don’t have HIV, I’m not pregnant and I don’t have a baby.”

As a child star, Ezeamaka took on several roles
As a child star, Ezeamaka took on several roles


After many years on the scene, the Dear Mother actress says she still battles nerves while auditioning for a role.

In fact, Ezeamaka believes she lacks audition skills, but somehow, “something” gets done right and roles fall on her laps.

“I’m a very bad auditioner, I never know how to audition. When I came for the Shuga auditions, I tried so hard not to be nervous. I got into the show so I guess I did something right,” said ‘The Johnsons’ star.

Today, Ezeamaka is grown and pulling her weight in Nollywood
Today, Ezeamaka is grown and pulling her weight in Nollywood


Ezeamaka has her sight set on the pinnacle of Nollywood; featuring in blockbusters, collaborating with the best in the business and hopefully, winning awards “for as long” as possible.

“I’m looking forward to working with great writers and directors. There are so many good actors and a lot of people doing good stuff that’s fun.

“I want to do what I love for as long as I can.”

Shuga, she says, means a lot to her and she would love to be on the series “for as long as they will have me”.

Ezeamaka adds: “Working with the people, the cast and crew, is amazing and we have so much fun when we work together.

“Meeting fans of the show is really nice, seeing all the people that watch the show telling us how much they loved the show and how they understood what we were trying to say.”

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