A video has surfaced showing a sex worker in hysteria after her client pulled a ritual prank.


In the video that went viral on Twitter on Monday, the sex worker is seen making her way into a hotel bedroom and undressing.

However, her supposed client suddenly enters the scenery dressed in a red garment and with his face painted white.

A supposedly dead human is also conveyed out of the hotel restroom, suggesting her client might be a ritual killer.


Sighting this, the sex worker sprung up from her bed in shock and made for the room’s exit.

Three men held the lady down before she passes out.

In the footage, the men are seen attempting to wake her while screaming into her ears that it was a prank.


But, in response, the sex worker regains consciousness and ran around the room in hysteria.

She is seen screaming and threatening to stab the men with what appears to be a bottle as they got in her way.

The video has since generated mixed reactions on social media, with users expressing their differing opinions.

“See those boys that play that Ritual prank on the lady should be arrested. It’s very stupid and life threatening considering the state of the country. Watching the video really got me angry,” a user wrote.

“There should be a limit to these pranks. There’s a thin line between criminality and cruise,” another Twitter user wrote.


“People are crossing it these days. You filmed someone without their consent and get them traumatised then say it’s a prank.”

“This prank doesn’t make sense, allow girls to do their hookup in peace please, every lady in this world is meant for different work,” said a user.

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