After reading this, many may begin to question their moral values and perhaps, make some life changing decisions.


Two studies published in the British Journal of Psychology assert that being selfless may increase one’s chances of having sexual intercourse.

The studies which were conducted at the University of Guelph and Nipissing University suggest that altruistic people have it better, sexually.

“Altruistic individuals reported more lifetime sex partners, more casual sex partners, even more sex within their romantic relationships,” said Steven Arnocky, lead researcher of the project.


Arnocky added: “It appears that altruism evolved in our species, in part, because it serves as a signal of other underlying desirable qualities, which helps individuals reproduce.”

But how much of a factor does selflessness play in attraction and sexual intercourse?

The researchers interviewed about 800 people regarding their relationships and propensity for helping others, and the altruist candidates came out with a higher success rate.


However, “it’s a more effective signal for men than for women,” said Pat Barclay, psychology professor at the University of Guelph, who helped design the second study.

“There’s very good theoretical reasons as to why we might predict people will want a generous partner, as opposed to someone who’s kind of stingy, and maybe kind of a jerk.

“So there’s good reason for that, even though it contradicts, you know, the popular wisdom that nice guys finish last,” Barclay said.


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