Expectations, communicated or not, are integral elements of promising relationships. Some people plunge into romantic dealings without much too demanding standards. Others simply take on suggestions by marital therapists to lower theirs.


However, when the preset criteria for estimating the suitability of a partner are born out of intrinsic strife for unrealistic perfection and come to include exaggerated demands, then problems result – especially when it comes to marriage.

Although having a few deal breakers as the relationship kicks off neither makes the partner in question an overly idealistic person nor spells doom for the relationship, there are just a few commonplace expectations that potential lovers should put a damper on.

The mind-reading psychic


Although expecting your partner to have developed a degree of emotional sensitivity over the course of the relationship is fairly reasonable, it might be outrightly unfair to bottle up emotions and expect – in most cases – your dude to sniff them out and respond accordingly.

Lack of communication in relationships is one of the leading causes of breakups. Fixing that, clarifying your thoughts and feelings would help avert frustrations that accompany unmet demands of this sort. (S)he’s not a mind-reading psychic and you need to accept that.

The ever natural and supersexy diva


Ladies hate this one! Almost every guy can relate to hanging out with their crush masked in bewilderingly radiant and ravishing splendor only to show up in a surprise visit and find her looking, well, totally different and somewhat bare.

Asides momentary aesthetics of this sort, some expect their partners to remain that beauty they accosted many years ago. This worsens for the guys when they seem to become less attractive to their spouses simply for losing those macho abs and non-pot belly composure they initially bragged about. It’s unfair, really!

The virtuoso sex machine

Contrary to shared societal preferences, you shouldn’t plunge headlong into relationships expecting your partner to be the one for spontaneous rounds of fiery and untiring sex and to deliver multiple bouts of ecstatic orgasm. You might be disappointed.


With so much to give attention to, it’s also normal for the romance to lose its sparks over the course of a relationship. Expecting your partner to always remain laden with raging hormones is also outrightly unfair.

The idea-thronged nerd

We all get the feeling; everyone likes to have around an opinionated nerd who’s hot-headed about political developments and current trends in the stock market. More importantly, there’s also that uncommunicated demand that partners, especially the men, never run out of creative ideas.

While these values are matter-of-factly desirable, the odds are that such might not always be the case. Anyone in the relationship could broach ideas and each partner may have longstanding preferences. Realizing this could help stave off lots of frustration.


The omnipresent maverick

Independent women are, as said, independent. But this mostly doesn’t go without detracting from those primordial intimate moments. Contemporary men expect their spouses to be self-sufficient, yet, blame them for relatively keeping them unserviced.

Although partners with mutual understanding eventually think up a way to compensate for the gap, it’s only logical to realize that the relationship can’t always have it both ways, at least not simultaneously.

The passion replica


People grow, they change over time and so does passions and preferences. Your partner might have a different opinion from yours on an issue. They might share different passions from you and even fight different from the way you do.

Coming to terms with these realities could help mitigate much of the discord-related challenges that mark many embattled relationships. Expecting your partner to always share the same opinion and visions as you do could mean you’re setting yourself up for the biggest disappointment.

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