The simple truth is that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Hence, the time to leave the desired impression you want on a date is the first time you meet and this my friends must follow certain rules.


With the gradual re-opening of public spaces, traditional dating is bound to resume as well. And somehow, it feels like we may have forgotten how to do so.

  • Plan Ahead

It’s always wise to plan towards a date. Consider details like the venue you’ll be going to for instance. How far is it from your home? Would you be driving or taking a cab? Does the timing work for you?

You don’t want to end up stuck in traffic, or worse, have your car misbehave. Sometimes it’s not your village people working against you but your lack of proper planning.

  • Make Yourself Presentable

Remember the importance of making a great first impression? Yeah, you want to ace that in the looks department. You do not want to appear for your date looking unkempt.

So pay attention to your looks. Groom yourself; make sure your hair is properly styled, and neat. Wear outfits accentuating your frame and look fresh-faced. A little bit of make-up sometimes is all the charm you need.

Pay attention to your perfume. You do not want to wear a fragrance that’s choking or too strong as this could be discomforting for your date. Rather you want to smell nice, look great, and look sharp.


Don’t forget to wear a smile.

  • Leave Your Problems At Home

Leave your troubles no matter what they are behind and instead, focus on the date. For the purpose of a first date, your date is not your shrink [even if there are by profession].

Hence, spare them of your woes and troubles and instead, focus on the present; your date, the activity you’re both enjoying, and the moment.

  • Be Friendly and Cordial

Put on a smile and your best attitude while on a date. It’s okay if you feel uncomfortable but that shouldn’t stop you from being cordial and friendly to your date.


Remember, being open-minded is a great start at being friendly, so begin there.

  • Do Something Fun

It is advisable that you both plan your date around events. Think of a common interest you both have and feel comfortable doing. Cinema going, restaurant, taking a walk in nature, having a picnic, these are just a few examples of fun activities you can try with your date.

So confer with your date ahead of time to agree on a preferred activity to participate in.

  • Contribute To Driving The Conversation

It’s not the sole responsibility of your date to drive the entire conversation during a date. Contribute as well. But beware to be polite enough not to cut them off as they speak.


Show interest in your date [even if you aren’t] as it’s the polite thing to do. Listen attentively, respond to the questions your date asks, and also pose questions to them.

Try to ask even the most serious questions in a fun way. There really is no science to asking fun questions but if you’re into the conversation, it’ll come naturally.

  • Have Fun

A final point to note is to have fun. Focus on the present, savour the conversation and company of your date and who knows, you both might be planning a second date.

On the flip side, if it doesn’t work out with your date, at least you got out of the house and had a nice enough time. Definitely a win-win we must admit.


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