Some flatmates are made in heaven and some others, well, let’s just say they don’t quite make the cut. Living with a person whether familiar or a total stranger comes with its set of advantages, frustrations, and challenges.


It’s no surprise how truly disappointing some people find their living conditions because they are stuck with a frustrating flatmate.

You definitely do not want to be that person who’ll be remembered as a weird flatmate or worse, annoying one. Hence, it is important to play the part of a flatmate who is fun, can be trusted, and is commendable.

Like the popular saying goes; this life is a small village.


Here are some tips to help you become a better roommate;

  • Communicate From The Start

Perhaps one of the most important tips when living together with someone is communication. Remember that you’ll be sharing a lot of common areas with this person.

Hence, you two want to communicate your needs, and likes, dislikes, and preferences, even before moving in together. Like every human, your flatmate is no psychic, they cannot read minds, so would need to hear about your preferences from you.


Do you like your space thoroughly kept in order? Do you like to wake up in a quiet environment? Are there personal reservations you have? Boundaries? Things you prefer or dislike? These are the things to speak about.

In addition to having these serious conversations and exchanges, note down vital information on your flatmate. For instance, what they do for a living, maybe even where they work. A little background story might come in handy in the future.

Exchange emergency contact information so as to have back up means of reaching your flatmate in the future.

  • Responsibly Contribute For Bills

Do not wait to be reminded about the bills that need to be paid. Has NEPA bill be sent, are the home service charges due? What about rent? Or if you two shop for groceries together, is it time to restock? These simple everyday activities require both your attention and that of your flatmate.


So take up the reins and be responsible enough to drop your part of the contributions for bills on time.

Of course, life isn’t always fair. Sometimes, things might be tight financially making it almost impossible to contribute for the bills. Do not dwell on the lack rather have an honest discussion with your flatmate. If they can, plead with them to cover and as soon as possible, reimburse them.

  • Respect Your Flatmate’s Boundaries

Your flatmate’s stuff is not yours. I repeat, your flatmate’s stuff is not yours. Don’t confuse your flatmate for your spouse [these are the only people recognized as one]. From relating to them, you must have noted some boundaries they have.

For instance, is your flatmate opposed to you walking into their room, or making use of their toothpaste? Are they prone to being irked when you take their cereals? While their boundaries might not make sense to you, they’re within their rights and you only have to comply with respecting their wishes.

  • Keep Your Noise Level Down

If you’re extroverted, you’re probably guilty of being a nuisance, seriously quit the noise-making, and give your flatmate a break.

You don’t want to be that person blasting your music on the highest volume. Everyone hates that guy, and regrets moving in with him.

  • Respect The House Rules

House rules are guidelines set by flatmates to ensure smooth living conditions. You are obliged to obey them and so you must.

Is there a rule on curfew? Or where to drop the house keys? What about inviting people over? These kinds of rules might seem plain but disregarding them will not only paint you in a bad light but will also ruin the relationship you’ve built with your flatmate.

  • Be Careful About Inviting People Over

Remember that you’re not living alone hence the importance to empathize with your flatmates. For instance, is your roommate opposed to having guests of the opposite sex visit without warning? Be respectful enough to alert them when you intend to invite people of the opposite sex.

  • Be Polite And Respectful Towards Your Roommate

Treat your flatmate the way you want to be treated. Respect them and be polite to them always. As stated earlier, be respectful to their feelings, needs, and opinions.

By applying these rules, you’ll definitely be the best flatmate anyone can live with.

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