Pot-bellied men often have difficulty finding a well-fitting suit or appearing smart in buttoned-up shirts and they would not be caught dead discussing it.


Have you thought about the possbility of remedying the situation with dietary adjustments and a few lifestyle changes?

Here are seven tips to help you tackle belly fat.

Adjust your diet


Shying away from dietary habits that earned you a pot belly in the first place is obviously one of the first steps towards getting rid of your belly fat and a visit to your nutritionist would help figure it out.

Consuming a small portion of food within well-spaced out intervals rather than binge-eating would ensure you remain satiated and help tackle belly fat in the long run.

Consider minimizing carbohydrate intake and balance them out with other nutritional components when you take them, opt for more fruits and vegetables, and avoid too many drinks and pastries.


Minimize alcohol consumption

The cliché that binge drinking is invariably linked to belly fat isn’t far from the truth since alcohol consumption makes you likely to eat more and adjusts your metabolic order.

You might want to cut down on your alcohol consumption if you’re in for getting rid of belly fat.

Consider therapy


Leveraging on the array of green teas, herbs and therapeutic supplements available at your disposal might be a good way to augment your steps towards getting rid of belly fat.

Sipping a hot lemon drink mixed with honey before breakfast is a common practice and could help burn belly fat with time, though it is a good idea to visit your therapist for guidance.


Exercise is a good way to ensure you stay fit and burn out excess body fat; leaving you with excellent body shape.


You could also seek the service of a fitness coach or join a fitness group. Hit the gym on specific days of the week and watch your belly fat melt into sweat.

Increase water intake

Water plays an important role in digestion, can help to retain the feeling of satiety and averts unnecessary accumulation of fat in the long run.

Replacing the soda in your diet with more water not only helps you stay healthy but could also burn excess belly fat.


Control stress

By resulting − whether directly or otherwise − in irregular and often unhealthy eating habits as well as hormonal imbalance, stress is known to be one of the most common causes of obesity and tackling it could help rid you of belly fat.

Watch your posture

Trivial as it may seem, keeping the right posture − even while sitting – helps tuck in those extra layers of abdominal fat and maintains an equilibrium stomach level, tackling belly fat in the long run.

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