We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, at least this is what many food experts have told us. Unfortunately, not a lot of us are able to eat breakfast before heading out each day. And it’s not because we do not want to eat but just because we have to beat traffic and be at our places of employment early enough.


What if there was a way to enjoy a breakfast that is quick to make and healthy at the same time? Sounds almost impossible?

I know, but in this article, we’ll be discovering new breakfast options that are not only healthy but also quick to make.

So here we have it, seven quick breakfast ideas that should make you eat breakfast more often.


Vegetable-Chicken Sandwich

Rich in nutrients, the vegetable-chicken sandwich is a quick fix for anyone looking to enjoy a filling breakfast.

Taking less than 15 minutes to prepare, the required ingredients to make this are; shredded cooked chicken breast, slices of bread (according to preference), mayonnaise (cheese or margarine according to preference, and choice vegetables(tomatoes, lettuces, bell peppers etc).


All you need do is apply the spread over the required slices of bread, place the vegetables, and the shredded chicken and viola! you’re good to go!

The choice of veggies will guarantee that your sandwich breakfast is packed full of nutrients

Oatmeal and Granola

There hasn’t been a finer and healthier combination to try out as a breakfast option as oat and granola. These two combos go hand in hand like soaked garri and groundnut.


While oatmeal and granola are made from oats, when combined, this meal is both filling and satisfying.

Taking all but 10 minutes to fix, what more could a busy 9-5er ask for breakfast?

Include dried or fresh fruits (berries, mangoes etc) and nuts (almonds, cashew nuts) to spice this breakfast meal up.

Creamy Smoothie and Bacon


Try creamy banana smoothie which takes less than 2 minutes to blend with fried bacon.

Bacon would usually take less than 5 minutes to fry and a total of 7 minutes to put this nice breakfast meal together.

Don’t fret if you can’t lay your hands on bacon at the moment, eggs could substitute for the crispy bacon anytime, any day.

Plantain and Eggs (or Omellete)


Do you prefer your eggs scrambled, poached, or boiled? You are not away from having a complete breakfast. Include some fried plantains to the mix and enjoy a meal of hot fried brown plantain and eggs.

Either way, you like your eggs, it takes less than 10 minutes. Cheers!

Chicken and Egg Salad

For the fitfam days, you can try out a meal of chicken and egg salad.

This fit-to-your-style breakfast is truly dependent on your choice of vegetables. Whip in some shreds of chicken and fried or boiled eggs to make this salad more interesting and savory.

I’ve never tried bacons in salads but hey, the adventurers among us could try this and give us their reports on this. Anyhow, do not try bacons in your salad if you’re not a risk-taker.

Moi-Moi and Oats

Did I just hear you say, “moi-moi ke?” Indeed, why should moi-moi make it to the list of fast breakfast options? My only defense is that moi-moi is a meal packed full of nutrients.

The trick is to have the moi-moi ready and refrigerated before the work week. Pull out your preferred quantity of moi-moi and microwave for breakfast.

If you’re feeling like enjoying a large breakfast, combine your moi-moi with some oatmeal. Otherwise, you could just enjoy your moi-moi with some tomato or vegetable sauce.

Pap and Plantain

You probably know it as pap, akamu, or ogi. Whichever name you’ve come to know this meal as, the beauty (pardon my excitement) of pap cannot be overlooked.

Combine some pap with fried plantain and have the time of your breakfast life.

Caution though, some pap consumers have confirmed to feel drowsy after drinking pap. Wouldn’t advice this combo before that big presentation at the office though. Wink, wink.

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