Saudi Arabia has unveiled a bold plan to build a huge tourist destination on the Red Sea.


To accomplish this, the Kingdom will convert fifty islands and other sites into luxury beach resorts.

According to a statement from the Kingdom on Tuesday, the area billed for transformation will cover an estimated 34,000 square kilometres.

The Kingdom which has strict laws on almost about everything says it is prepared to relax its ban on alcohol, among others, to attract tourists.


Construction work on the new resorts are expected to start in 2019 and the first phase will be completed in 2022.

According to Bloomberg, the area will be governed “by independent laws” which will be in par with “international standards”.

The statement further said that potential tourists to the resorts may not need a visa to enter, and if they do, it will be available online.


Potential tourists will be paying for activities like rock climbing and parachuting while some of the expected attractions are coral reefs, dormant volcanoes, and a chance to see Arabian leopards and falcons at a nature reserve.

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