Raise your hands if you’ve experienced the hellish heat in the past few days. You’ll agree that the days have been really hot and the nights worse off. The heatwave this year seems to have intensified and doubled from last year’s. 


In addition to making yourself comfortable by using certain electronic gadgets such as hand fans and air conditioning systems, an important way to ensure better comfort is minding your clothing.

While wearing light clothing is a great way to start, paying attention to accessories, can produce better results in keeping you cool during the crazy heatwave.

  • Stick to Short Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles give off an elegant style no doubt. However, during a heatwave, you may want to stay off these hairstyles as they tend to drop down on your shoulders and back. 


The last thing you’d want to feel as you sweat or struggle to stay cool is the brush of hair or foreign objects on your shoulders. This can be both irritating and obnoxious.

To prevent yanking off your weaves or hairdo, opt for shorter hairstyles. Otherwise, you may tie up the hairdo, or pack it using a hairband.

An additional tip is to invest in high-quality headbands, scarfs, and hairbands. If possible, move about with these items in your bag.

  • Avoid Bulky Earrings

Similar to long hairstyles, bulky earrings will not weigh down your ear lobes, but could constantly be in contact on your cheek.

Make studded earrings your go-to during this heatwave or go for smaller hoop earrings which do not necessarily come in contact with your skin.

Should, however, the skin around your neck show signs of visible irritation due to the heat, avoid using earrings and keep the area clean. Mentholated Dusting Powders could sometimes ease the pain but be sure to contact a trusted and qualified dermatologist before using the powder.

  • Make Sunglasses Your Best Friend

What’s the best way to keep away the scorching sun? Sunglasses! Thankfully, sunglasses are affordable and come in various shapes, colours, and sizes.


The most important features to look out for when choosing a pair of sunglasses are; selecting a pair which fits your face shape and size, selecting a pair with coated rims and arms [to avoid scarring the skin behind your ears and the bridge of your nose. Finally, select sunglasses which have solid UV and UA screening and can shield your eyes from the sun.

You may want to avoid transparent sunglasses.

  • Sandals Are Your Second Best Friend

Because your feet need to breathe, go for sandals. These could be low-heeled, flat, or high-heeled but sandals are a great way to look classy and ensure breathable feet.

When choosing a pair of sandals, go for your exact size or one above but never below your size as this could cause your feet to be cramped. 

  • Give Your Bras and Underwears a Break

You’ll thank me for this piece of advice. Every lady can acknowledge the struggle of having to wear a bra for the most part of the day.

Bras can get uncomfortable es especially after long wear, the underwires could dig into the skin leaving off red marks or the bra could dig into the breasts [although to be fair to bras, this could most likely mean the bra is undersized].

So take off your bras [and underwear if you’re bold enough] to feel more comfortable during the heat.


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