Rosie Afuwape, co-winner of the Ultimate Love reality show, says she almost got naked on camera.


Rosie and her then-partner Kachi — coined Roskie — won the show in March 2020, leaving them with the grand prize of N5 million, a N10 million sponsored traditional wedding, and a house if they’d eventually gotten married.

In a chat with HipTV, Rosie said she almost got naked on the show as she nearly forgot they were on camera.

“I remember three incidents that I was trying to dress in the bedroom and I forgot there were cameras around. I was almost like going naked until someone came in and said, ‘there are cameras, you know’,” she said.


“So, when it came to dressing, I had to consciously remind myself of the cameras and, you know, go to the toilets to dress up. At some point, we had to be reminded that the show was about love family, dates, and relationships.”

On life after the reality show, she said: “As much as the bad side, there’s also the advantage. I would show you what I want you to see. So when I’m down, you don’t get to see that part of me. When I’m broken, you don’t get to see it.

“You see the glamorous life; the good times. I control what’s on my page and what I want you to see about me.


Rosie had parted ways with Kachi last year after he accused her of aborting a 12-week pregnancy without his consent.

Asked if she was on talking terms with Kachi, Rosies replied: “No, we’re not friends and we don’t speak at all.

“I’m writing a book about myself because it’s funny how you get to read things online about me; things I’ve never done and don’t even think of doing. It’s like you’re reading another person.

“People feel they know you. And you start reading things. Not that I want to change any narrative. I want people who don’t know me one-on-one to get to meet me via my book. Hopefully, I finish [the book] before the year ends.”


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