She Must Be Obeyed‘, a captivating series by Funke Akindele, premiered on Prime Video on September 29. The project was produced by SceneOne Entertainment.


Before the premiere, the series had been highly anticipated due to the intriguing teasers. After watching the mini-series, I must confess its excellent delivery of a creative and unique plot is highly commendable.


‘She Must Be Obeyed’ chronicles the dark side of Siyanbola Adewale, a successful Afrobeats star better known as She, who would do anything to stay at the top. As She manipulates and exploits those around her, a determined group joins forces to expose her true nature, leading to a thrilling journey of deception and revenge in the music industry.


The series is aimed to showcase what young up-and-coming talents go through while navigating the music industry.

‘‘They are starving to be seen and want to showcase their talent,” says Akindele while speaking with journalists.

“Unfortunately, they do not study their contract, get a lawyer to read it, or get an experienced family to educate them; all these things affect them, and at the end of the day, they get to sign the wrong contract.”



The original and distinct plot is definitely a major highlight of the series. ‘She Must Be Obeyed’ offers a captivating, unique and detailed storyline that has not really been explored or seen. The script of the series is noteworthy, as all events and scenes in the project contributed perfectly, with no irrelevant scene that would leave viewers wondering, “What was that for?”

The acting performance from the cast, both major and minor, was absolutely outstanding and professional. Funke Akindele embodied her role so beautifully making it so realistic, Akah Nnani’s role interpretation is also commendable.

The series’ cinematography is an extended testament that Nollywood has improved in its craft. The visual elements, sound design, effects, and locations used in the series were excellent. The costumes used also made the series more relatable and realistic.


The series’ brilliant reflection of the Afrobeats world is highly commendable. ‘She Must Be Obeyed’ vastly details and points out the atrocities some notable entertainers engage in just to stay famous and trendy — as well as the struggle and challenges faced by up-and-coming artistes.


Despite the distinct plot of the series, I must say it lacks the element of suspense. It is quite predictable that She’s secrets will eventually be exposed by people she has maltreated.

The ending leaves viewers with an expectation of a second season. However, from a critical perspective, it could have concluded effectively in the first season to avoid the potential risk of a dragged storyline in subsequent seasons. A more conclusive ending in the first season would have served the series better, I think.



‘She Must Be Obeyed’ gets 8.5/10

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