The Rele Arts Foundation presents its inaugural Art Salon featuring a body of work titled ‘Beyond Oil’ by Chamberlin Ukenedo.


The Art Salon is a non-profit initiative that gives young artists the opportunity to exhibit a body of work primarily for feedback and engagement from the art community.

‘Beyond Oil’ explores the artist’s fears and hopes for Nigeria following the recent oil price drop. The series covers the emotions one experiences after the 5 stages of grief;

The series covers the emotions one experiences after the 5 stages of grief; realisation and acceptance that the economy is in dire straits.


“Each piece is crafted in a four step process which begins with a digitally created pattern printed on canvas. These images are then enhanced with acrylic to bring out the contrast and create an optical illusion. To finish it off, the artist applies objects like buttons and glitter on the work.

“This process draws from both the traditional and contemporary art mediums and he uses it to symbolise the diversification efforts he hopes the government will adopt in order to save the economy from hurtling downhill.

“Chamberlin uses his work to speak about the environment he lives in – not just for himself, but for everyone, including the disenfranchised and marginalised. He believes that art can be a political tool and he shows that aptly with this series. He is both a story teller and a prophet – keeping track of our past whilst foretelling better times ahead.


“Chamberlin’s perception and ability to portray the complexities of human emotions firmly sets him ahead of the curve. He is a versatile career artist who works as an illustrator, painter, cartoonist and art director. He completed his HND in Painting at Institute of Management and Technology (IMT Enugu) and has participated in various exhibitions,” said a statement by Rele Gallery.

The exhibition will be open from Sunday, December 11  – 18.

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