Everyone is familiar with the fairy tale definition of love — the scintillating and stomach-fluttering feeling you have when you are smitten over someone.

But all that giddy feeling can be threatened by certain unforeseen, unavoidable, and almost inevitable circumstances.

If you’re a realist, in a relationship, or have been in one, here are five challenging situations you’d easily recognise.

Money problems

The presence and absence of money in a relationship could contribute immensely to the success and/or failure of such a relationship.

If the man is in a position in which he can’t meet his partner’s needs, arguments could set in and that could raise questions like ‘where is this relationship heading’, ‘what are your plans for me?’

Although ‘money can’t buy love’, the importance of money in a relationship can’t be downplayed nor overstated.


When both parties are not physically in touch, relationships most often tend to suffer.

At this point when the gap is wider than ever, some in a relationship start to feel insecure as distance creeps in and mistrust assumes prominence.

Communication gap 

Communication is a key factor in every relationship as it lays the foundation for understanding, empathy, and synergy.

Once communication is not in place, you feel lost and cut off from your partner and the relationship doesn’t look the way it used to.

Falling out of love

Some have experienced such painful situation when the love once shared withers because the spark is no more there.

This happens from time to time in many relationships – and has led to the end of many.

When there’s someone else 

Once there’s someone else in the picture, jealousy springs up in a relationship, and things become toxic between both parties.

The ‘lovey-dovey’ acts you share disappear and you become preoccupied with how to impress your partner so that their attention is not shared with someone else.

Gradually, you lose yourself in being impressive and possibly become what you’re not.

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