Are you still in love but the spark is gone from your relationship? Are you considering ending it? Wait a minute, there may yet be a way to salvage things.


Here are six ways you can reignite the spark in your relationship.

Have deep conversations 

Ensure you make out time to talk about your relationship, future plans and things that matter to both of you. Endeavour to talk about your problems so you can both brainstorm on how to deal with them.


Lack of communication leaves room for misinterpretations and it is more often than not a recipe for disaster. Effective communication helps in bringing you and your partner closer. 

Make time for each other

This really helps to strengthen any relationship. Spend time with your partner. It could be watching a movie together, taking a walk together or just spending time — doing nothing — with each other.


Spending time with each other helps to facilitate a deeper connection and bond. When you choose to do so, it is advisable to put your mobile devices and gadgets aside to avoid distractions.

Be thoughtful

Always put your partner into consideration and do things that would make them feel happy, appreciated and loved. It does not have to be anything massive. Start little, then take it a notch higher over time.

Surprise them


Mystery and surprise really spice up a relationship. You can surprise them in little ways and they would really appreciate it. When they are done in the right way, surprises tend to put life back into relationships. 

Touch them more often

This might seem like a no-brainer, however, many relationships and marriages lose their spark because of a decline of physical intimacy.

If you find yourself in that position, you don’t have to rush to get back the lost intimacy. You can start with little things such as holding hands, stolen kisses, and frequent hugs.


This could go a long way in making your partner feel loved. It also helps in producing a stronger bond.

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