Many factors are responsible for a decline in one’s sex life. Some can be glaring and sometimes they aren’t.


If you are no longer as adventurous and exciting as you used to be in bed, chances are these are some of the reasons.

Your sex life has become a routine

It’s like waking up, eat, go to work, come back from work, sleep, repeat. Everyday. That is how your sex life has become. Just an activity within an activity. No spark, just routine.

Endless fights

When incessant fights overtake everything including what used to be your escape – your sex life – even make-up sex may become so bleak.



Technology has been killing sex for couples for a long time. Many not only welcome technology into their homes, but also into their bedrooms, unknowingly making it a third party in their sexual affairs.

Stress and other related issues

The drive to be the best at what you do wears you out – as it should – because you are human. And so you are left stressed and tired by the time you get home. Sprinkle in a mixture of worries and responsibilities, and your sex life could become a minute item on your list of priorities.


An argument with a coworker, your faulty vehicle, and money issues are some of the daily distractions that could kick you out of mood in the bedroom faster than it took for you to get into it.



Kids are a blessing in a marriage but they can also be the end of intimacy in that union.

Low libido

Low libido occurs when there’s a decrease in estrogen levels. The less estrogen there is, the less lubricated vaginal tissues become, making penetration painful. And that kills sex drive overtime.

How to get back on track

Admit your sex life has taken a nose dive. Acceptance is always the key to solving anything. The moment you and your partner decide to stop patching things and admit that your sex life has lost its spark, then you can start to figure how to get back on track.

Ditch the fantasies

If you watch porn a lot and you expect your partner to replicate the same acts in real life, what you are doing is solving a problem with a problem. It is never really the same in reality. Be yourselves and find your own sexual preferences.


Sex talk

Always talk about your sex life- what you did, how you did it, why you did it and how to make it better. Always appreciate your sex life with each other and yes, talk dirty but not only in bed. Who says you can’t be flirtatious even during the day? Waiting till you get home to resume flirting with each other is bereft of thrill. Suspense is key. Try being flirty with each all day long. Engage in a little sexting to prepare for your time together at night.


When there is a routine in your sex life, it can get tiring too easily. Be open to new things. Take a trip if you must, and when you do, ignite all your fantasies. You never know the common sexual fantasies you both share until you try. This can give a major boost to the relationship itself.


Be spontaneous. Yes, planning is good in life but who says sex has to be planned? When you place having sex on the calendar in between going to get grocery and doing laundry, it becomes boring and a routine, just like those two. Do it some place other than your bedroom.

Sex toys and lingeries

Sex toys may be underrated and frowned upon by the larger society but it can bring the spark into your relationship and very few have figured this out. It sure is a whole lot better than taking sex drugs for enhancement. You can shop for toys together to initiate the adventure. Also, try shopping for lingeries together. There’s a certain magic that comes with putting on a lingerie to entice your man. Not only will you feel sexier, your man will love seeing you in it.


Foreplay and a sensual environment

Some couples are so busy such that foreplay has become no play at all. Many are only interested in getting in and getting out, but foreplay plays a very vital role in your sex life and shouldn’t be shoved aside.

Changing up your bedroom is another way to spice up your sex life. Turn your boring bedroom into a sensual one by creating an intimate environment. You can do this by spicing it up with scented candles, dimming the lights sometimes, and maybe a stripper pole – if you’re up for it.

See a doctor or counselor 

The decline in your sex life may be as a result of an undiagnosed problem. If you fall into this category and you notice your sex drive has dropped drastically no matter what you do, you may want to try seeing your doctor.

On the other hand, you can visit a sex counselor, in order to help find your inner sex animal and project it back out from where it is hidden.


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