A flurry of mixed reactions and donation offers have ensued on Twitter after an Abuja-based Nigerian lady took to the microblogging platform to publicly offer sex in exchange for rent money.


The young lady, whose handle identifies her as Lavida Loca, a paper bag dealer, took to the social media platform on Tuesday “in frustration,” calling on Nigerians to reach out for sex.

Describing her “heart-wrenching” situation, Loca said she threw caution to the wind to make the unusual offer after her call to several friends and family members for help had proved abortive.

She said she had just N100,000 in hand but needs to pay N250,000 in rent before moving into the Abuja apartment.


This is aside from the cost of acquiring utensils and furniture.

“Need someone to f**k me and give me money. Wanna get a space of my own and I have 100k as opposed to the N250k for the house. I will still need to buy a bed and some pots but let me just secure the house,” she wrote.

“You can’t shame the shameless. I have asked some friends and my family but it seems the January strife is crawling in. Let’s help this baby girl get a house please, I can be able to do my numerous business effectively.”


Unlike many would expect, Loca’s tweet amassed a flurry of sympathetic comments, multiple likes, and retweets — with random people offering and mobilizing to donate cash.

Some others, while counseling her on the move, urged that she should not have resorted to selling sex to pay rent.


This included comments that asked her if she had a means of livelihood to pay the next rent.

“We came across this your tweet and it really broke our heart. We’ll love to offer you N100,000 to help secure your new place. Please kindly send a DM asap. I hope this would take away the pressure.” a user wrote.

Charging Loca to live in tandem with her means, another user registered, “Must you get a 250k apartment. So after you pay this year’s own, who will pay next year? You have 100k, get a 100k place, start from somewhere!”

Below are tweets portraying Nigerians’ opinions.


While she encouraged the public to keep messages coming in, Loca ⁠— after showcasing fancy paper bags ⁠— urged them to look through her profile for “other services” she had to offer.

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